Saturday, April 26, 2014

OOTD : Wide-Leg Floral Pants + Cropped Tank with Fringe

Between the moving trucks and packing... I managed to snap a few outfits with new pieces I've picked up for the spring and summer. I also have a bunch of new products I'm testing out for review. This move to TN has consumed most of my free time but I hope to get a few posts in here and there :]

On another note- What better time to wear wide-leg floral pants? Spring is in the air! I was able to enjoy the forest and hope to enjoy it some more before the big spiders make their return. 

I made a huge purchase from F21 with some great statement pieces. I can never find anything in the actual store but online I find everything I've ever wanted, haha! No idea why this is. These beautiful, flowy, floral pants is just one of the pieces from my large order.

I was sold on these pants after seeing a reviewer on the site posted a photo of her wearing these pants with a cute, pleated, white, crop top. These pants are super, super, comfy. I could wear these all day, every day. The elastic waist helps with the comfort level. I also love that you can make these pants high-waisted. Now I can wear some of my new crop tops! 

I paired these wide-leg floral pants with a cropped black tank with crocheted fringe on the bottom. I really love the fringe; not only is it a beautiful detail but it also keeps the outfit modest and not too revealing. It's so lightweight and airy for those extra warm days. In the back of the tank, the top half is also crocheted.

I found this cropped tank at TJMaxx. My friend could not believe I had never been to a TJMaxx! Ohhh but it got me in trouble! I picked up this in both black and white since I couldn't choose between the two. Both were $12.99 each.

You can still find these 'Cherry Blossom Wid-Leg Pants' on the Forever21 site here. They retail for $17.80. Well worth the price!

My black woven sandals are from Target a few years back.

For accessories I added a pair of earrings I made, a steal by design bracelet, and my new Claddagh ring by Solvar.

My lovely mother got me this ring for Easter. It's one of her very favorites so she thought I might enjoy as much as she does. And I do! I think it's so beautiful and can't wait to wear it often. I know there is a lot of story behind the claddagh rings and I think the history is so interesting! Sterling silver, made in Ireland, and retails for $70.00 on QVC here.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone has a fun weekend! 
 I'm taking a few days off to go to my favorite huge antique fair. Maybe I'll snap some fun photos. I looovveee antiques and all the history behind each piece. I'll be in heaven :]

Much love,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chagrin Valley Soap : Dead Sea Spa Soap Bar

I actually received this little haul last Easter and have given myself plenty of time to test out these products to the fullest (at least most of them)! Today though I'll be talking about Chagrin Valleys' Dead Sea Spa soap. This was actually a repurchase since I enjoyed my last one so much! Now, I'm already almost done with my second bar... it's about time I blogged out this!

First off, I love Chagrin Valley! They use all natural ingredients in everything so you know what your putting on your skin. I also really enjoy their soaps but sometimes all the scents kind of run together. They all have a really earthy scent that sometimes over powers the fun scent that is suppose to come out. The Dea Sea Spa soap though has to be my favorite of the ones I've tried.

It has a fresh earthy smell that reminds me of the ocean.

If you like that squeaky clean feel after a shower then you'll really love this soap. If I need a little extra exfoliation then I'll reach for this. It makes me feel really clean.
The Chagrin Valley site mentions that the dead sea mud in the soap gives you a deep clean and removes impurities :]

A full 7 oz. bar (which is what I have pictured above) retails for$7.95 and the sample size is $2.70. I love that they offer sample sizes because you can test their products to see if you want to make a full sized purchase. Here is the link to the dead sea spa soap. On the site they give great descriptions of each soap and the skin benefits.

The Chagrin Valley site is full of goodies and they are not over priced. I found out about this site thanks to my brother and I've saved up some money for my next big order this week! My family also loves these products so they will be purchasing with me, hehe.
 You can also visit an old blog post raving about their whipped cocoa butter which I love so much: here.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome!! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

High-low Dress for Spring - New Favorite From Belks!

Happy April everyone!!!

I only have a few high-low dresses in my closet but I wish I had more which is exactly why I picked up one more. I think they are prefect for those warm spring and summer days. This style is so elegant and flattering.

 I walked into Belks not expecting to pick up any dresses yet since the weather is still on and off but this dress caught my eye. I tried it on and walked out to look in the long mirrors. Within that few minutes I had two ladies come up and tell me how beautiful this dress looked on me. I couldn't walk out of the store without that dress haha.

I love everything about this dress. The top has a pretty, cream, see-through lace, a sweet heart neck line, buttons going down the back, and a cute little cutout at the hem line. The bottom half is a beautiful water color print with bright turquoises and corals. It's a lighter, more flow-y fabric. It's so pretty. I added a thin braided, brown, belt from H&M to tie everything together.

Here is some close-ups of the beautiful fabric :

 (back of the dress- buttons down the back)

I purchased this dress on sale for 31.99 USD normally 46.00 USD. You can still find it on sale here.

Right now I'm in the process of getting ready for a big move to TN :D
It's a lot of work lifting and packing. We're loading a big moving truck up this coming Monday. The house doesn't go on the market till the end of the month but we have sooo much extra stuff that needs to be moved out. Things are crazy and it's been so hard to find a minute to blog. I hope to try and get at least a few posts in here and there. 
We also took a much needed get-away to the beach :]

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a great week ladies and gents!