Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spice Up Your wardrobe with Lingerie for Summer :]

Summer is almost here! Which means bright colors, fun prints, and new designs for those summery outfits. I've mention this before but I love having cute under clothes. It just makes me feel amazing even in that bum-around-the-house outfit.

This is my favorite season to stock up on Aerie undies! They have the most fun prints to get you in the mood to hit the beach or get you ready for that summer vacation. Plus, this is when you can sometimes find their undies 10 for $30 which is a much better deal than Victoria's Secret. I've also mentioned how much better these undies fit me compared to the VS ones. They are much more soft than the VS cotton line as well.

Right now the prints pictured above are on clearance for $3.99 a piece on Aerie.com.

Next, I am absolutely in love with these racer-back bralettes! Lately I've been purchasing new summer tops that are racer-back or lacey or sometimes with a really low back cut which makes it very difficult to find a bra that actually looks good. Lo and behold I found one that makes everything work and look amazing...

These are super soft and comfy! Not to mention how beautiful they are and how great they look under tops. I haven't had any problems with anything showing even in the super cold stores :] I love how much coverage they give. One complaint I do have is with the seam going down the middle of the cups. Sadly it tends to show up under thin or tight shirts which is kind of a bummer even though I still have a ton of stuff that I can still wear with these.

Aerie has some great deals on these too! I got my first one for only $11 then they had another deal buy one get one for $5. Somehow I ended up with 4 colors already. I want more!

My next post is of a lace dress with an open front and a crisscrossed back. If I didn't have one of these I don't know what I'd wear with it. I'll be wearing the white bralette in the pictures. I will have that linked as soon as it's posted so you can get an idea of what these look like paired with actual clothing pieces.

From left to right : black, whipped strawberry, buff, and white.

You can find the Aerie Lace Racerback Bralette here. They come in quite a few colors :]

Last but not least, is a bra from Victoria's Secret that has just been so amazing for spring and will be awesome for summer. This bra is so unique with its' beautiful braided straps. It really is the perfect layering bra.

From top to bottom : white, spa blue, and blueberry.

I've already had lots of compliments on this! People ask what kind of shirt I'm wearing but it's not really a shirt, hehe. The braiding makes it look like you have an extra layer. The other day I had on a neon yellow baggy shirt with a white tank underneath and then I added the turquoise braided bra under the tank. Definitely an eye catcher :]

I really didn't realize how much I would love the front clasp. It makes my life so much easier especially on those mornings before work when your running late (which is just about everyday). They fit really nicely as well. I wish you were able to adjust the straps a bit more since I'm going to keep mine at it's tightest. If it loosens I will probably have to get these altered but for now they fit great. The turquoise bra seems to have a slightly bigger fit even though all three are the same size. Very weird. Aaannd this is why I try everything on. 

The next time I wear one, I will insert a picture of the combination so you can get an idea on what it looks like :]

You can find these Sexy Tee Braided Racerbacks on victoriassecret.com here. It comes it different cuts (push-up, demi, etc.) 
Retails for $32.00 or 2/$49.50
The blueberry color was on clearance $15.99 but I think it is currently sold out.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! 
Have a great week everyone!

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