Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dudu-Osun African Black Soap - Skin Care Review

After hearing April Athena (AprilAthena7) on Youtube rave about using this African black soap and how is dried up her acne, I had to try it. I had also heard others mention the wonders of using African Black Soap as a face cleanser and acne fighter. So I bought a few bars off amazon for really cheap so I could try this miracle prodcut for myself since I have been battling acne since my middle school years.

Unfortunately, this soap did not work for my skin. After doing some research there could be a number of reasons for this which I will explain below. 

I only used it maybe two times during the week after I had washed my hair to make sure I cleaned all the shampoo/conditioner residue that may have gotten on my face. It lathers up really well and a little goes a long way. It made my face feel super clean and squeaky clean. After using it those few days I noticed I was getting acne clusters around my chin and cheeks. Not good! I couldn't understand why I  was breaking out so bad then I realized... the soap. Some say it was drying but I didn't notice too much dryness. Perhaps it was just too harsh and stripped my natural oils so much so that my skin overproduced more oil which in turn causes breakouts. One reason why it may have aggravated my skin.

After doing research I noticed some reviewers said that the African Black Soap purged their skin at first. Every time I've tried to purge my skin, my acne never gets better and in fact, stays worse. So if a product purges my skin I immediately stop.

I used it for 2 weeks with no improvement.

After doing more research I realized the best thing to use is Raw African Black Soap. Dudu-Osun may not be considered as raw as other soaps. Raw is not usually black and tends to be more of a brown color. This could be another reason why this broke me out.

I figured I will save it later and try it out as a regular soap in the shower and see how my skin reacts. No more face time though, haha!

Have you tried African Black Soap? Thoughts?

Hope everyone has a great week! Much love <3


  1. Such a pity that it broke you out, hope it works well as a body soap :)

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