Monday, March 3, 2014

Belks Haul : Spring Sweaters #2 and #3 - Love Always Stripe Pull On Sweater

The weather here in NC has been teasing us! One day we'll have a beautiful 70 degree day and the next day it drop to 50 degrees or lower. It is driving me nuts because I just need some warm weather in my life. Hopefully spring is on it's way!

I found two beautiful sweaters on the clearance rack. I tried one on, loved it, and had to pick it up in the second color. The first one I grabbed was this sweater in mint and cream. I got it for around $12 and now you can find it online for $4.99 (link at the bottom)!

 It's super light and airy. I couldn't believe how soft the fabric was! This is the main reason I had to get two. It is so incredibly comfortable. If I could I would wear this 24/7. The back of the sweater offers a nice little surprise as well. It has a beautiful, intricate, mesh/ crocheted V detail. I think it makes this sweater so girly and delicate. When you wash you have to lay this flat and lightly iron the crocheted detail so that it doesn't stick up around the edges. The sweater comes up in the front and hangs lower in the back which is super flattering. Since the fabric is so light, it is sheer. Looks great with a nude bra, a cute lace bandeau, or layered with a tank/ cami.
Both sweaters were 14.99 clearance but I got an extra 20 or 30% off which brought it to around 12 or 11 dollars. Guess they are trying to get rid of the cooler weather clothes.
I also had to pick up the black and cream one! It looks a little better on me. The mint one washes me out a bit since I'm so pale from winter. 
I think the pretty crocheted detail adds a lovely contrast with the dark stripes. 

You can find it HERE on the Belks website and it's reduced even further to only $4.99! Darn maybe I should have gotten it online! It also come in a tan color.

Questions, comments, and advice welcome! Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Love both of them :)

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    1. Thank you!! And I would love to! :D Hope you had a great weekend!