Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bath and Body Works Haul!

Bath and Body Works Haul!

I was given a lovely gift card to Bath and Body by a dear friend for my Birthday. I was waiting months for the right sale and I finally found it! They had a ton of products for 75% off!!

I picked up 2 lotions and a body wash in one of my favorite signature scents; Sweet on Paris. It smells like candy and sweet desserts. I personally love smelling like sweet, sweet, candy :] 
Each was only 2.75 USD originally 11.00 USD.

I was waiting for the candles to go on sale as well. The first one I picked up was a small, one wick, candle in Garden Bouquet. I thought it smelled like lilac but I was mistaken. The tag says the scent has hyacinth, whit rose, lily, and jasmine. Very floral, very spring!            
This was 3.12 USD originally 12.50 USD.

I gobbled up 2 of the stress relief body lotions in Sandalwood Rose. It smells just as the name suggests. It's a warm, rich, scent. It may not be for everyone. I kept smelling it because I wasn't sure I liked it or not. Within a few minutes of sniffing I realized how much I loved it! Plus, I need all the stress relief I can get.
Each was only 3.25 USD originally 13.00 USD.  

The second candle I grabbed was one of their 3 wick candles in Sicilian Orange. They had a whole bunch of their large candles for only 8.00 USD originally 20.00 USD! Sicilian Orange smells exactly like fresh squeezed oranges with a hint of sweetness that comes from blended floral notes. I thought it would be a great summer scent since I already have so many fall/ winter scents.
 Love it!!

In total I saved $85.13 and paid only a little over $25.00.

I still have so many gift cards from my birthday and Christmas. I always wait so long to use them! Hehe

Have you shopped at Bath and Body Works lately?


  1. I love picking up their candles on sale! I think $20 for them is a lot! Great haul! The Paris collection smells amazing!

    1. Me too! 20 dollars is way too much. I only buy them on sale :D
      And the Paris collection is definitely worth the buy- YUM :]
      Hope you had a great week!!

  2. I love B&BW! You definitely got a great deal!
    I love their Aromatherapy line...so relaxing and soothing!


    1. Me too :D :D thank you!
      I love when their aromatherapy line is on sale since it can get pricey but the scents are very relaxing!! Hope you had a great week!! :]

  3. I Love the sweet on Paris, Its my favorite scent too! I stocked up and bought 3 of each. I am going to be posting my sale haul soon too.

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