Friday, August 22, 2014

Natural Beauty : Chagrin Valley - Haul with Reviews! Pt. 2

I made a big purchase from Chagrin Valley a while ago but I wanted to use the products over several months so I could put in my full thoughts on a few :]
I've blogged numerous times about my love for Chagrin Valley products. They use all natural ingredients. You can actually read the labels and know exactly what your putting on your skin. In love!
Their awesome site will tell you everything you need to know, including full descriptions of each product and what each can do for you :
First up! I wanted to try a new lip balm since I loved my honey butter one from last year. They are so cheap that it's hard to resist. I choose the Coconut Cream Lip Balm. 
In all honesty, it's not my favorite out of the bunch I've tried. I just reminds me of the extra virgin coconut oil which I use on a daily basis anyways. I could just rub some of that on my lips instead of having to buy this lip balm. It's not bad by any means and I will use it all up, but since I already have an abundance of coconut oil in my bathroom cabinets... I'll be trying maybe a different lip balm next time :] 
Retails for $4.10 
Find it on Chagrin Valleys' website here.

Next up is the Coco Butter Whip Hair Balm!
This product has slowly wiggled it's way into my lengthy hair care routine :] 
I've been using this for at least 4-5 months now and I absolutely love it! I use this about once a week as a overnight hair mask. I coat my hair with this coco butter whip then add some argan oil on top of that then twist my hair into a top knot and let it sit overnight while I sleep. I wake up with super soft hair that doesn't look too overly greasy just in case I have to run errands or head to work. 

This coco butter whip is super light and fluffy and smells yummy! It's a lot lighter than their coco butter body whip and specially formulated that way for the hair. Not only can you use it as a hair mask but you can also use it as a leave in conditioner. It adds moisture back into my hair, it's healthy, and it's all natural. What else can a girl ask for? 

 A little goes a long way and I still have plenty of product left. When I do run out, I'll be purchasing some more. 
I picked up the 1 oz. Jar for $8.50.
There is also a 4 oz. Jar available for $19.50.
Find it on Chagrin Valleys' website here.

Last but not least is Bath and Body Oil in Romantic Spirit!
Love this to death! If you love a natural herbal scent, you will love this.

It's a strong herbal scent that will stick around for a good while after application. It will even leave your clothes smelling great. It's fresh and clean. I walked out of the bathroom and my mother stopped me to ask what I had on cause the scent was so amazing...that was this!
I use it after the shower or after a body scrub to replenish any lost moisture. It's a thick oil that I rub in my hands and apply to my skin. I bought one of their pumps to screw on the top and one pump covers a good amount of surface area. I can't tell how much is in the bottle but so far a little has gone a long way. I use it about once a week for a treat :]

 It can be used lots of different ways and you can even use it as a bath oil. I will definitely be repurchasing this once I run out (which is hopefully never)!

I picked up the 4 oz. bottle for $13.25  
They also offer 2 oz. travel size bottle for $7.50

Find it on Chagrin Valleys' website here.

 Maybe I'm a little Chagrin Valley obsessed thanks to my little brother haha hope everyone is still enjoying summer. I know I am! What's all this talk of fall? :P
Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone has a great weekend :]

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Natural Beauty : Chagrin Valley - Haul with Reviews! Pt. 1

I made a big purchase from Chagrin Valley a while ago but I wanted to use the products over several months so I could put in my full thoughts on a few :]

I've blogged numerous times about my love for Chagrin Valley products. They use all natural ingredients. You can actually read the labels and know exactly what your putting on your skin. In love!
Their awesome site will tell you everything you need to know, including full descriptions of each product and what each can do for you :

First up! I waited all winter for their Sunflower Sitrus Garden soap to come back in stock. I missed out last summer so I had to try it this time around.

Such a beautiful bar of soap :]
I've really been enjoying this scent for summer. It's a clean, natural, citrus-y scent. It goes perfect with all my lemony summer scented body washes and scrubs I've got in the shower currently. Although I really like this soap, I'm still partial to their dead sea spa soap, which is my absolute favorite of all time!

5.8 oz full bar is $7.95

Next up is their Citrus Body Sorbet Sugar Scrub! 
My mom actually gave this to me after finding it stuffed away in her closet. It's sad to say that this is probably my least favorite product I've tried thus far. I'm not sure if it's because it may be a bit old since I'm not sure how long my mom has had it. I ordered a new one to see if maybe that is the problem (will update this when I try the new one out).

I just feel that this scrub isn't very exfoliating. I take some in my hands and it lathers a little bit. I wish it lathered up more. But once the scrub lathers and I put some on my skin; it feels like the sugar quickly disperses and disappears so that I'm left with nothing. I'm just so used to my philosphy salt scrubs that I've raved about in previous posts- those really give you a deep scrub, making your skin baby soft. This scrub on the other hand is just too gentle for my liking.

1.5 oz Trial/Travel size jar is $5.50

Last but not least for this post, I wanted to rave about the Vanilla Bean Whipped Shea Butter!

The smell is absolutely divine! It has a yummy sweet vanilla scent. I love the scent so much that I wish I could smell like this all the time. I have to admit that I love the new glass packaging Chagrin Valley has chosen. I can't wait to finish these up and use these cute glass jars for traveling or what not. The only thing is, that the packaging seems smaller than the old packaging. I feel like I'm getting less product but maybe it's an optical illusion (my old cocoa butter packaging doesn't have the amount on it. Poo.).

I little does go along way! I still feel like I'm using it up too fast. I treat myself to this about once a week after an exfoliating scrub so it can sink in better and give my skin the extra moisture it needs :] I highly recommend trying out this product for an extra treat. You're skin will love it!

4 oz Jar is $20.75

Out of the three products I've mentioned, I'll definitely be repurchasing the Whipped Shea Body Butter in Vanilla Bean. Yum!

 Hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer! I'm about to write up a blog post of what has been happening in my world- it's been super fun and crazy this year.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone had a great weekend :]

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Lace Maxi - Jessica Simpson Meena Lace Illusion Dress

Even though I searched high and low and found the perfect, more affordable, alternative to this dress (seen in my last post here)... I just couldn't leave without it. I don't own many expensive dresses and the ones I do own are usually too dressy to wear anywhere. This one on the other hand can be dressed up or down and is just perfect for summer.

You can now find it on sale for $60.00 originally $98.00 here at Macy's.
I'm pretty sure Belks also carries this dress.

Let me first say, this dress is worth every penny. In-fact, I'm surprised it wasn't more. It's quality, quality, quality. The quality of this dress is just amazing. The fabric is so luxurious and the lace incorporates high quality embroidered flowers. It is quite stunning in person. I love that it comes with a slip that has adjustable straps. You can make it have a lower or higher front V-cut. The small is a little large on me but I think it's because it's a cross between women's and juniors sizing.

The back has a pretty strappy pattern that adds I nice surprise. First, you have the slip straps showing, then you have the lace cover with a crisscross pattern in the middle. In the photos I'm wearing, again, one of my favorite lacey racer-back bras from Aerie (see my blog post raving about them: here). I though it blended very well and I love lace on lace :]

My mom thought this could make a pretty wedding dress haha (not the look I'm going for! ahhh!) so I tried to dress it down with brown strappy sandals and simple antique cameo drop earrings.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I just brought home a new kitten who has been keeping me busy busy. Will have to do a blog post soon with her in it :]

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Lace Maxi - Affordable Alternative

If your on the hunt for an all-over lace maxi that is more on the affordable side - this is it! 

I was shopping at my favorite mall. It has absolutly everything I have ever dreamed of wearing. I found the most amazing lace maxi by Jessica Simpson but it was $100 and not on sale. It was a sad day. I ran over the whole mall and tucked away in the back of H&M was this beautiful lace maxi for only $35! Big difference. The quality isn't as great as the $100 dress (obviously) but it looks just as elegant. I did end up getting the more expensive dress as well which will be in my upcoming post; to compare the two.

Something like this is so perfect for date night, a night out with the girls, or that beach vacation. If I had a date... I'd definitely be pulling this dress out :]

The back has elegant lace straps curving inward and a cute little cutout farther down. I got a small (I'm 5'7" at 109 lbs) and the cutout sags a little bit. My wonderful alteration lady quickly took care of that. You can probably see in the pictures that I am wearing my beautiful lace T-back bra I got from Aerie which I raved about in my lastest post here. It blends well with the dress and is almost invisible/disguised in front where there is lacey cutouts - making it more modest. The dress isn't as revealing as I thought it would be. When I first saw it on the hanger, I admit, it was a bit intimidating.

Below I tried to get up as close as I could while trying to capture the whole dress and the detail of the lace. My only concern with the dress is: snagging the lace which would be pretty easy to do since the lace is so openly knit. Luckily I've been ok but knowing my clumsy self... it's bound to happen one of these days.

I kept the outfit casual with camel brown sandals and cameo/pearl drop earrings. Casual but elegant. You can most definitely dress this up some more.

You can still find this dress online at here for $34.95

Have you grabbed a lace maxi this season?! I think they are just so pretty!

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spice Up Your wardrobe with Lingerie for Summer :]

Summer is almost here! Which means bright colors, fun prints, and new designs for those summery outfits. I've mention this before but I love having cute under clothes. It just makes me feel amazing even in that bum-around-the-house outfit.

This is my favorite season to stock up on Aerie undies! They have the most fun prints to get you in the mood to hit the beach or get you ready for that summer vacation. Plus, this is when you can sometimes find their undies 10 for $30 which is a much better deal than Victoria's Secret. I've also mentioned how much better these undies fit me compared to the VS ones. They are much more soft than the VS cotton line as well.

Right now the prints pictured above are on clearance for $3.99 a piece on

Next, I am absolutely in love with these racer-back bralettes! Lately I've been purchasing new summer tops that are racer-back or lacey or sometimes with a really low back cut which makes it very difficult to find a bra that actually looks good. Lo and behold I found one that makes everything work and look amazing...

These are super soft and comfy! Not to mention how beautiful they are and how great they look under tops. I haven't had any problems with anything showing even in the super cold stores :] I love how much coverage they give. One complaint I do have is with the seam going down the middle of the cups. Sadly it tends to show up under thin or tight shirts which is kind of a bummer even though I still have a ton of stuff that I can still wear with these.

Aerie has some great deals on these too! I got my first one for only $11 then they had another deal buy one get one for $5. Somehow I ended up with 4 colors already. I want more!

My next post is of a lace dress with an open front and a crisscrossed back. If I didn't have one of these I don't know what I'd wear with it. I'll be wearing the white bralette in the pictures. I will have that linked as soon as it's posted so you can get an idea of what these look like paired with actual clothing pieces.

From left to right : black, whipped strawberry, buff, and white.

You can find the Aerie Lace Racerback Bralette here. They come in quite a few colors :]

Last but not least, is a bra from Victoria's Secret that has just been so amazing for spring and will be awesome for summer. This bra is so unique with its' beautiful braided straps. It really is the perfect layering bra.

From top to bottom : white, spa blue, and blueberry.

I've already had lots of compliments on this! People ask what kind of shirt I'm wearing but it's not really a shirt, hehe. The braiding makes it look like you have an extra layer. The other day I had on a neon yellow baggy shirt with a white tank underneath and then I added the turquoise braided bra under the tank. Definitely an eye catcher :]

I really didn't realize how much I would love the front clasp. It makes my life so much easier especially on those mornings before work when your running late (which is just about everyday). They fit really nicely as well. I wish you were able to adjust the straps a bit more since I'm going to keep mine at it's tightest. If it loosens I will probably have to get these altered but for now they fit great. The turquoise bra seems to have a slightly bigger fit even though all three are the same size. Very weird. Aaannd this is why I try everything on. 

The next time I wear one, I will insert a picture of the combination so you can get an idea on what it looks like :]

You can find these Sexy Tee Braided Racerbacks on here. It comes it different cuts (push-up, demi, etc.) 
Retails for $32.00 or 2/$49.50
The blueberry color was on clearance $15.99 but I think it is currently sold out.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! 
Have a great week everyone!