Friday, October 25, 2013

Target Haul : Dress #2 OOTD

Xhilaration Juniors Mesh Fit & Flare Dress in Black

This dress is one of my favorites from the 3 picked out at Target! This one wasn't on clearance like the other 2 dresses but it was too pretty and flattering to pass up :]

This dress is more cold weather appropriate since it's super easy to style with leggings/tights and sweaters/jackets. The fit and flare style is super flattering! The material is quite unique. It has a slight sheen almost making it appear like leather. Fabric is nice and thick with a slight stretch to it. The dress has a pretty embossed-like pattern on the entire surface. Zipper in the back down to the waist. This makes it easy to slip on but it is a little tricky to zip up by yourself. The top is mesh and has a sweetheart neckline. Love it!

I tried to capture some raking light so you can see the raised detail on the dress (Oops, the sun makes me glow haha)

Since it was chilly I added some basic black leggings, black velvet bow flats, and a cropped faux leather jacket. I was feeling all black but a a pop of color would be pretty too! The beauty of a little black dress is that you can dress it up or down. Here, I obviously dressed it down but I just love the versatility. 
 I would love to wear this out on a date :]

I purchased mine at Target for 24.99 USD.
You can find it at here. Also available in floral print.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Who's ready for the weekend?! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Target Haul: Dress #1 OOTD

Xhilaration Juniors Sleeveless Dress in Black/White Stripe

 Don't you hate when your shopping for new fall attire and you come out with clearance summer items you couldn't pass up?! That has been happening way too much lately! I came out of target with 3 dresses but I figured I could make them work for fall... possibly.

Today was a lazy Sunday. I was tired and feeling down about new guy and his lack of effort. I'm sure this chilly weather isn't helping either! Burrrr! Let's dive in and take a look at this first dress I picked up from Target on the clearance rack!

This dress was a little tricky trying to make it cold weather appropriate. Unfortunately this dress does not look that great with leggings since the dress falls a little longer, at the knees. I paired it with simple strappy sandals from H&M. I think I could have went with red flats and a pretty red belt :]
To keep my upper half warm I threw on a simple black cardigan from Zara.

I am loving black and white stripes! So simple but chic. The lines also make for a flattering figure. Horizontal on top and vertical stripes for the lower half which is nice and slimming. The hem line comes up at the sides and falls down in front and back. Super cute! Slight V-neck. Straps Cris-cross in the back (also super cute!). Comfy, soft, and I love the look.

Super pleased with this dress. I better wear it soon though before it gets too cold!

I  purchased this dress (Xhilaration Juniors Sleeveless Dress in Black/White Stripe) at Target for half price
It was on clearance for $12.48 normally 25.00 USD

You can also check it out here on 
I think it also comes in a black and white polka dot (wish my store had that one as well! :] )

Questions and comments welcome!
Hope everyone's Sunday was better than mine :]

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Butter London Polish in Knackered

I have acquired my first ever Butter London Polish! I have been lusting after these forever! And I made the leap and spent 15$ on this beautiful polish, Knackered. I fell in love and have since acquired 2 more Butter London Polishes. I must be seriously insane for spending 15$ on a polish!! What am I thinking? I justify the price by picking out the most unusual colors I can't find anywhere else :]

Knackered is quite unusual. It is a beautiful frosty blue/ purple shade with scattered holographic sparkles. This was a hard polish to photograph and I don't think any of the photos do this polish justice. The shade changes depending on the light and the sparkles look amazing in the sunlight. The polish is more sheer than I was expecting. In the photos, I have two coats on with a top and base coat. I think this would be a fun layering color as well.

This polish with a top and base coat turned out to be very long lasting! I was very pleased :]
Had no problems with application. Went on smooth and even.

I purchased mine at Ulta for 15.00 USD.

Have you tried Butter London polishes? What's your thoughts?

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Clean & Classic Original Scent

The best discovery ever : dry shampoo. Especially since I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. Dry shampoo is a life savor! I've heard this product hyped up so much on youtube I decided to give it a go. At first I was unimpressed. After all the hype I guess I expected it to spray gold. After using a full bottle and trying a different brand I think I am able to write a fair review :]

The one thing that turned me off is that you have to shake this ALOT. I was mostly spraying cold liquid at first and I thought I had shaken it quite a bit. It really needs quite a bit of shaking to get any powder out. Towards the end of the container it wasn't such a problem; either because it was low or because I had shaken it up so many times already.

Now when you shake it forever and get some powder this works amazing! This totally made up for the bad review I was about to write. It makes my hair voluminous and not greasy looking (which is what it is suppose to do). It doesn't leave your hair gritty like other dry shampoos. I don't particularly like this scent since it reminds me of a scent you use to clean dishes or a bathroom. I suppose it smells clean and better than dirty hair (ew!). The scent doesn't linger.

I'm actually using a different dry shampoo right now but I don't think I like it as much as batiste because it leaves a gritty residue. hmmff! Review of that one in the future :]

I actually just purchased my second and third bottles of batiste in a different scent (one that I like much better!) I just hope the scent maybe lingers a little longer than this original scent pictured here. We shall see!!

I've been purchasing mine at Ulta for 7.99 USD and it's usually buy 1 get 1 50% off. Yay!

Have you tried the Batiste dry shampoo? Do you like it better than your other dry shampoos?

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope this week is going awesomely for you :]

This little guy was my batiste model! He did much better than I could do ;]

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wildfox Party Cat Face Baggy Beach Jumper

I don't know what to think of all this cat print going around haha but I think this cat face sweatshirt looks absolutely ridiculous. It's so ridiculous and funny that I love it!

And if you wear this out.... you may get funny looks ;]

I was having a dance party out there with my cat jumper- It's so much fun :] 

I've talked about the Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumpers in previous posts and how much a adore them. They are so soft and comfy that these are the only sweatshirts I want to wear... ever. I've been reaching for these so much that I actually invested in a few more wildfox jumpers. 

I was relaxing around the house so I just paired my cat jumper with blue jeans shorts from Stradivarius (wish we had this store in the states!!), a dark grey v-neck tee from VS, and brown sandals.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Who's ready for the weekend?!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Surfer Babe

I thought I was picking up a color I had wanted last time I was at Sephora but accidentally picked up the wrong one! Oops! But I ended up loving this deep aqua blue. It's such a rich color and has a slightly metallic finish. Definitely a standout color for your eyes.

The pencil is soft, glides on smooth, and is easy to smudge. I don't have oily lids but since it is such a creamy pencil it does slightly transfer to the crease by the end of the day (see below photos) but It doesn't bother me so much especially when I want the crease deepened up a bit. But if I need to go all day and all night this is not the pencil I'd wear cause it can look like a hot mess.
Despite the transfer the color doesn't fade at all which is great!

I recently blogged about how much I loved Sephora's 12hr Waterproof liner in My Boyfriend's Jeans - here. Below you can see the difference between the two blues.

Below you can see me wearing Surfer Babe with golden natural shadows. The middle picture shows the slight transfer of color to the crease. 

Love the color and the name of this pencil is so cute but because of the color transfer I'm unsure if I would repurchase this again. 

Retails for 9.00 USD at Sephora.

Questions, comments, and suggestion are very welcome! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Busy times & life update: fitness, festivals, and boys!

Making our way to the top!

Whew!! It has been a busy few weeks!!

I've neglected blogging but in truth it was a nice break from the computer. I barely had time to even turn it on. Since the weather has turned absolutly beautiful I had to bring my fitness and workouts to the outdoors! 

I've put off Pilot Mountain (here in NC) for a year now and finally got around to hiking it. It was a great but  long 7 mile hike! We were all wiped out by the end but pleasantly surprised how beautiful and lovely this hike really was. Why did we put it off so long?!

Pilot Mountain

Then to start off October we did part of the much anticipated Grandfather Mountain trails off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The colors are just now starting to turn. This is my favorite area here in North Carolina! It was just breathtaking. We had a late start so only did about 6.5 miles :] talk about strenuous though! We climbed up over 2,000 ft. That included crawling up steep boulders without cables or ladders. So sore!

Awkwardly trying not to slip. On our way up to Grandfather Mountain! We had some pretty views

In between the big hikes I've been pampering myself more than usual partly because I've started dating a handsome fellow :] I'm not going to get my hopes up but I really hope it continues to go well :]

I've also been sending out resumes across the country everyday. No such luck but I've had a lot of positive response! I've also got my volunteer position back at a conservation studio (on my days off) to help improve my resume and continue doing what I love

The German sculpture I'm cleaning right now

I unexpectedly got a day off last Friday and went to the Liberty Antique festival!! I was so excited!! I ended up with a antique wooden toolbox and a huge1900 antique domed chest for 20$. The chest is rough but it's my new restoration project... maybe I'll do some before and after photos :]

I've made quite a few other purchases over the weeks! I've been saving up a really nice camera but had to invest in a new computer :/ that's ok- at least it's HOT PINK!

Last but not least, I found a luna moth caterpillar right before it was ready to spin it's cocoon!! It fell down in front of my car when I opened the garage door. I was jumping up and down, dancing around the house. I'll have another beautiful moth come next spring :]

Overall, it's been a great few weeks spending time with friends and family! I hope you all have been well!! I've got a lot of catching up to do this week