Saturday, July 27, 2013

OOTD : Wildfox Leopard Spot Desert Crew Tee in Neon Coral

Somehow or another I was fortunate enough to glance at hautelooks' upcoming events (which I rarely ever do) the day before their big Wildfox sale went live! I had been waiting for this sale... forever! I seriously can't believe the one day I look at the events, I find the one I've been waiting ages for. Lucky me :]

So, since I was at work I gave the task to my mom to pick out some awesome things the second it went live. She went a little hog wild. Not complaining there but I was lucky enough to process some returns when I got home. But I did keep quite a bit so you may see lots of Wildfox ootds coming up! Super bummed the rose baggy beach jumper sold out in seconds but happy I found some other great ones to make up for it :]

It was a lazy day around my grandpas' house up in IL so I put on some comfy black lace shorts I got on sale from Kohl's. They have an elastic lace band which I love for travel and lazy days at home. They are all lace and have a pretty crocheted detail around the edges. You can find them here. I got them on sale for 12.99 originally 36.00 USD.

For shoes I was lazy and threw on my women's Kadee Flip-flop by Crocs. They are pretty darn comfortable and mold to your feet pretty well. You can find them here. Retails for 19.00 USD.

As for the star of the show- I had never tried any Wildfox tees before now. I have a baggy beach jumper that I lounge in allllll the time cause it's so soft so I went out on a limb to see if the tees measured up. Well, they do! The material is so soft!!! Like baby butt soft. I want to live in these tees forever. No, but really, they feel great on. My mom, in her haste to put as many things in the basket as possible, ordered smalls in these. Like the baggy beach jumpers they run a size or two big. So it does kind of swallow me up but the baggy look isn't so bad- maybe that's how it's suppose to be :D

Also, this color is just fabulous. I feel like I'm glowing!

Retails for a whopping 64.00 USD but I got it at 29.00 USD.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone is doing well :]

Monday, July 22, 2013

OOTD: World Market Maxi Dress in Paisley and Lace

Ok, since when does world market have beautiful dresses?! I haven't been in there forever because, as I mentioned in a previous post, I always come out with way too many earrings. This time I avoided the jewelry section and stumbled into a rack of dresses- oopsies! Couldn't resist this pretty paisley maxi dress! It's fully lined so you don't have to worry it being see through. Material is still light and flowy. V neck line that dips to just the right level. Stunning sheer white lace for the straps and covers half the back. Perfect length for me (I'm 5'7"). Slightly ruffling towards the bottom of the dress. 

The dress was so dainty and feminine that I just paired it with pearl drop earrings and simple brown zip sandals. This dress also gives off a slight boho feel which I love. Love this maxi dress!

The front has the lace straps and in the back you can see where the lace goes down half way.

Retails for 29.99 USD at World Market. When I got mine it was an extra 30% off.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend :]

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Friday, July 19, 2013

China Glaze : Happy Go Lucky

China Glazes' Happy Go Lucky polish is the perfect sunshine yellow. Definitely a warmer yellow. This color really does make me happy and is a great mood lifter for those gloomy days :]
I know, who wants to wear yellow polish? I actually don't have any solid yellow pieces in my wardrobe because yellow looks pretty bad with my coloring but... this is just nail polish so I don't think it matters as much. I have a mustard yellow polish and it doesn't look good at all! For me, I prefer pretty pastel yellows or something along the lines of a happy sunshine yellow (like this one).

Polish applies evenly and opaque. Pictures show me wearing one thick coat and no top coat. Dries to a  nice gloss so it is a bit easier to apply than the China Glaze polishes that dry to a semi-matte finish.

Overall, love this polish. It's a pretty basic color. Nothing wowzers about it but if your on the hunt for a nice warm happy yellow this is something to put on your list.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a beautiful weekend ladies and gents!

Monday, July 15, 2013

25 Things About Me :D

25 Things About Me!
...That you might not know ;]

I was tagged by Penney Rose who has a lovely blog; PinkAndPetals. She is such a sweet blogger so go check her out! I thought this was a fun tag. Plus, if you were curious at all - it lets you in on a few tid-bits about me. So here goes nothing! I tag everyone :] leave links to your 25 things because I would love to read them!

1.) I own a pink rifle and I've got a membership at a shooting range! I love to shoot and hey, I'm a pretty good shot! 

2.) I've moved every 2-3 years my entire life since I was born. I love it and wouldn't change it for the world. You get to see so much!

3.) My most favorite and the last place I was lived was Florence, Italy.

3.) I was born in England

4.) I never wear a full face of make-up! I want people to see who I really am without masking my scars.. I'm afraid I would use make-up as a crutch. I can be just as confident with scars covering my cheeks as I can be with them covered.

5.) I rarely paint my finger nails since I use my hands so much they usually chip within a few days. I don't like my nails chipped haha!

6.) I have degrees in painting, art history, and art conservation

7.) I've been single most of my life and I've never had a true relationship. They were all either short lived or long distance.

8.) I love keeping my car clean! I wax my car, change all the fluids, and enjoy working on the engine :]

9.) I've been thin all my life. 8 years later I still fit in my high school prom dress, I've got made fun of too many times to count sometimes it wasn't very nice.

10.) I don't like children and don't plan on having any in the future. Everyone's been telling since I was a little girl that I would change my mind. Hasn't happened yet! 

11.) My favorite places I visited when living in Europe was Greece, Morocco, and Turkey.

 12.) I love a good glass of wine

 13.) I have a serious thing for guys with long hair! I oogle at them! But It's impossible now a days to find one... I think all guys should just let their hair grow :]

14.) I'm scared to death of driving but I have to do it. I feel like I'm too careless to be behind something so powerful... powerful enough to kill me.

15.) I'm definitely an introvert with some serious social anxiety but I'm good at putting that all aside and pretending like I'm not.

16.) I have more books than I know what to do with! I still haven't givin' in to this whole nook thing. I like the smell and feel of real books though I can see how nooks can really come in handy. I'm just stubborn when i come to updating with technology hence why my phone's at least 7 years old.

17.) I've been continuously working out for over 7 years now! It was the best life change I ever made. Of course I've always loved a good hike 

18.) I've been struggling with acne since I was in elementary school. I think my skin is just cursed and I've learned to life with it... kind of!

19.) I was a tom boy growing up and hated clothes. Which is fine- I got to enjoy being a kid. But now I have a shopping addiction :D

20.) I've loved bugs since I was little!! I will catch anything except for mean looking spiders. I don't like those guys! 

21.)  I have a large butterfly tattoo doing down my back and I have a my little pony tattoo (you probably saw my post on how much I love collecting my little pony) on my hip :D I got my mom addicted too. Go mom!

22.) The first of my college friends just got married and It was an honor to be apart of her big day! So much fun! It was only the second wedding I've ever been too and my first time being in one :] Better pics coming soon!

23.) This weekend I experienced a manicure for the first time, getting my hair done for the first time, and first time having a full face of foundation done professionally for me! Whew that's a lot of firsts :]

24.) I don't like pedicures! I don't like other people touching my feet because I feel bad! Who want's to touch someone elses feet?! The lady told me I needed to relax and I couldn't haha! I just give myself pedicures now :]

25.) I wish I would cry more to show people how much a care and that I feel what they feel. It's really hard for me to actually show that kind of emotion especially in public! Though I did tear up at one point during the wedding saying good bye to the bride :D

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope you had as much fun as I did this weekend ;]

Friday, July 5, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Waves of White : Summer 2013 Collection

The third color I got of the Maybelline Color Tattoo summer collection 2013 is Waves of White. It is a stunning pearl color. A sheer white with a sky blue duo chrome finish and a hint of purple. Just beautiful!

 Texture is silky, smooth, soft, and easy to blend. It lasts all day on me. Waves of White is slightly sheer but easily build-able. Application is slightly patchy but easily fixed when being built up and blended.

Natural lighting

In direct sunlight

On the eyes it does appear more of a light blue than anything. I find the color slightly hard to work with because of the shade of blue. I don't want to look clownish and I want my make-up to look classy, of course! But with the right liner (see above pictures) to bring out certain colors in the duo-chrome finish, it can create a beautiful summer look! I'm also going to try layering this over-top of different base colors. I think that would look beautiful as well!

Overall I love it even if I have to work with it a little :]

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope you all had a great 4th of July!