Sunday, December 8, 2013

got 2b Rockin' It Dry Shampoo

Ohh my it's already been a crazy month with decorating, shopping, and everything else that comes with Christmas stacked onto your already busy schedule- but I love it! I can't wait to share with you my black Friday purchases. I went kind of crazy especially at Inglot who was having 20% off all products (I think it ends tomorrow 12/9)! I have around 28 eyeshadows to do reviews on :D so look out for that. I'm anxiously waiting for the sun to shine so I can start snapping photos.

Now onto the review...
I finally finished this dry shapoo up so I can write a thorough review. 

First off lets address the smell because it is very strong and it lingers for many hours after you use it. It's definitely a scent that you either love it or you hate it. I actually really like the scent. I'm not the greatest at describing scents but it almost smells like lemony roses. It's a very strange scent. One review I read while deciding to make the buy said it smelt like fruit loops and it kind of does :]

Packaging is cute and I had no problems getting the product out. You shake well and the powder comes out, easy. A little bit easier than getting out my Batisite dry shampoo. Got 2b rockin' it dry shampoo does make your hair look less oily and it's really easy to brush out (maybe easier for me since I have lighter hair). The container also lasted a good while which was nice.

The only thing that really bugged me was the size of the powder. Sometimes it was ok but sometimes it looked like I had a bad case of dandruff. I shook out my hair and it looked like it was snowing... ewww. Also, every-time I used this and ran my fingers through my scalp I could feel  a gritty residue on my hands. Not the most pleasant feeling. It just felt like the powder weighed down my hair a bit. Granted these problems could be due to me spraying too close to my head. If I get this again I may try spraying farther away?

Overall, I didn't hate this dry shampoo but I didn't think it was great either. I honestly like the way Batiste feels in my hair better. Would I repurchase? I'll stick with Batiste unless they are out

I purchased mine at Ulta for 6.49 but I think this is sold in most drugstores

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm!


  1. Glad I read this, I'm big on trying new dry shampoos. But I don't like feeling a residue feeling on my scalp..yuck! I absolutely hate that. I will definitely stick to my Batiste for now. Hehe! Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Yeah the residue was definitely a turn off!! Haha eww! I think it's a lot of fun trying new dry shampoos but I have a feeling I'll keep going back to Batiste. Glad I could help!! :D

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    1. Thank you so much and thank you for the follow! That means a lot! I will be sure to do the same :D heading over now!