Friday, December 27, 2013

Aerie Holiday Haul!


Merry Christmas everyone!! So I've picked up some goodies this holiday season from one of my favorite lingerie stores! Aerie has the softest most comfortable panties I've ever worn. Plus, they fit me like a dream so I keep coming back for more. They recently had a special buy 10 panties for 30.00 USD! I seriously jumped on that

They have some cute winter prints out this season and I also wanted to try their new lacey boy shorts which are super comfy and don't ride up your butt thank goodness (that drives me crazy). I've had lots of trouble with Victorias Secret panties and they are not as soft as these. You can find their clearanced winter panty selection here. I think it's 8 for 26.50 with free shipping and returns. I hate paying for shipping haha

I picked up their Lace Detail Bralette. The lace is quite pretty and isn't itchy. It's a very comfy, lightweight, super soft bra. I like wearing bralettes in winter with thick comfy sweaters. It's still on sale for 14.99 USD which is what I paid

I also picked up their Aerie Reindeer Knit Boxer. I actually paid a little more for my XS but I'm ok with it. The sweater material is super, super, soft. They are a little bit short but I don't mind since they are sleep shorts. The reindeer pattern is just too cute! I've got to sleep in these tonight and update this tomorrow :]
I paid 17.00 USD but the site recently had them cheaper for their semi-annual sale!

I recently got some Aerie giftcards to do more shopping.. YAY! I don't know if this post is to much info but I'm big on lingerie and sleepwear. I like to look and feel good all the time. I think it's nice to share thoughts and opinions. If it isn't TMI then more to come :]

What do you think of Aerie stores? 

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with friends and family! Now on to new years :]


  1. How cute are those boxers! I love the print and the bow!! <3

    1. Thank you Liliana!! They were so cute I had to get them ;]

  2. Are these sleep shorts still for sale somewhere?

  3. When those are to small for you I would love to buy them! So cute!

    1. Hey girl! I'm actually still wearing them! I will for sure let you know if I ever post them up on my shop :) I eventually sell a lot of my clothes!