Monday, November 18, 2013

Working out in the great outdoors : Grandfather Mountain- NC

Fall is the absolute perfect time to hike! There is so much color! Unfortunately, now the leaves are dropping fast and the color is fading. Lately I've enjoyed running at dusk when the air is crisp. It's so refreshing! But a few weeks ago we decided to finish up the second half of Grandfather mountain here in NC along the Blue Ridge.  We chose to hike the Profile trail which does link up with the actual Grandfather trail towards the end (it costs 18$ to hike the Grandfather trail which is ridiculous so we turned around and did this trail).

We hiked a total of 7 miles in the cold! I think we picked the coldest day of the week. Luckily we dressed appropriately cause we definitely saw the first snow of the season!
 Looking very fashionable ;P

A view along the way! Do you see the face??

It start to flurry on our way up and the temperature was dropping fast. Then we hit the snow line :]

It was absolutely serene. Cold but beautiful. And look at this trail! I got the perfect leg workout going up these rocks. 

After a long way up we finally reached the highest peek in the Blue Ridge! :D :D

I have to admit I felt pretty hard core hiking up a mountain in the snow :] 

The wind at the top was so powerful and ice cold that we stayed up there for maybe... 5 minutes max trying to capture a photo without falling off the cliff. We scurried back down the ladder and tried warming up. I had five layers on, gloves, and a hat but I still couldn't feel my hands or feet. It started snowing harder on our way back. Luckily we made it just as it fell dark.

I may be crazy but I can't wait for our next hike this fall!! I like this much better than the gym.

How do you keep fit in the colder seasons?!

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness, absolutely breathtaking! So beautiful, I love everything about the mountain life, trees, and the cold. Unfortunately, I live where there is nothing but wind, bipolar weather, and flat land!

    Stunning pictures!!


    1. It really was!! Oh no... I know how you feel though! I moved from Oklahoma a few years ago and it was so flat and windy haha
      Thank you!!!

  2. Wow..amazing pics :)

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  3. Wow, it's so gorgeous! I'm not much of a hiker but I do love how pretty some can be. I'm much more of a gym rat :p

    xo, alison*elle

    1. It really was! Yeah I have recently discovered a lot more beautiful hikes! But I do enjoy the gym as well :D it's a lot more warm in the winter time haha

  4. Amazing photos!<3
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    1. Thank you so much!! I wish I had a facebook page for my blog but unfortunately I do not (will have to get on that!) When I do I will for sure like your fanpage! :D

  5. Great photos
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    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by :D !!!