Monday, November 11, 2013

Butter London : Brown Sugar

Butter London Brown Sugar

In a recent post, I purchased my first Butter London polish and then I mentioned I bought a few more shortly after. These are a sweet little luxury for me :] and I just had to pick up this color for fall! I saw this color recommended by a few youtubers which also persuaded me.

This color is just beautiful! It's a beautiful Merlot color with stunning bronze and gold glitter of different sizes. There is so much glitter that it makes this polish even more opaque. I think this color combined with a bottle of jam packed glitter makes this polish very unique and sparkly :]

On my nails I am wearing a base coat, topped with one coat of Brown Sugar, and a top coat to bring out the sparkle. This also looks lovely over a darker polish like a deep burgundy!

I purchased mine at Ulta for 15.00 USD

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :]


  1. What a pretty color, it look gorgeous on you! I don't own any polishes from this line, they are definitely a bit pricey.

    Have you seen the holiday kit they announced a couple of weeks ago, it's $65-$70 I believe....looks amazing. But I don't think I can spend that on polishes, hehe!!

    xo, Lily

    1. Thank you- it really is a beautiful color! Yeah they are a little too pricey if you ask me! Definitely a splurge! I've run out of room for my polishes so I've been trying to look for more unique polishes lately :D

      Whoa 70$ for polishes!!! Hhaa I will skip on that one too ;D

  2. This shade is pretty! I've never tried a polish from them! I hear they are good. (:

    1. It really is and so far I think their polishes are great! Though I only own 3 :]