Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Busy times & life update: fitness, festivals, and boys!

Making our way to the top!

Whew!! It has been a busy few weeks!!

I've neglected blogging but in truth it was a nice break from the computer. I barely had time to even turn it on. Since the weather has turned absolutly beautiful I had to bring my fitness and workouts to the outdoors! 

I've put off Pilot Mountain (here in NC) for a year now and finally got around to hiking it. It was a great but  long 7 mile hike! We were all wiped out by the end but pleasantly surprised how beautiful and lovely this hike really was. Why did we put it off so long?!

Pilot Mountain

Then to start off October we did part of the much anticipated Grandfather Mountain trails off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The colors are just now starting to turn. This is my favorite area here in North Carolina! It was just breathtaking. We had a late start so only did about 6.5 miles :] talk about strenuous though! We climbed up over 2,000 ft. That included crawling up steep boulders without cables or ladders. So sore!

Awkwardly trying not to slip. On our way up to Grandfather Mountain! We had some pretty views

In between the big hikes I've been pampering myself more than usual partly because I've started dating a handsome fellow :] I'm not going to get my hopes up but I really hope it continues to go well :]

I've also been sending out resumes across the country everyday. No such luck but I've had a lot of positive response! I've also got my volunteer position back at a conservation studio (on my days off) to help improve my resume and continue doing what I love

The German sculpture I'm cleaning right now

I unexpectedly got a day off last Friday and went to the Liberty Antique festival!! I was so excited!! I ended up with a antique wooden toolbox and a huge1900 antique domed chest for 20$. The chest is rough but it's my new restoration project... maybe I'll do some before and after photos :]

I've made quite a few other purchases over the weeks! I've been saving up a really nice camera but had to invest in a new computer :/ that's ok- at least it's HOT PINK!

Last but not least, I found a luna moth caterpillar right before it was ready to spin it's cocoon!! It fell down in front of my car when I opened the garage door. I was jumping up and down, dancing around the house. I'll have another beautiful moth come next spring :]

Overall, it's been a great few weeks spending time with friends and family! I hope you all have been well!! I've got a lot of catching up to do this week


  1. Such amazing pictures, I'm sure it's even better in person!

    Yay! Wishing you well with the new boy! :) as well as with your resumes!

    Lily |

    1. It really was!!
      And thank you so much Liliana :D I hope all goes well!!

  2. What great scenery! These pics are really nice! It gives a feel of nature just by looking at the pics!