Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Michael Todd Anti Aging Regime : Intensive Organic Eye Cream

Since so many of my favorite youtubers were raving about this brand, I decided to go out on limb and get  some good skincare products since I continue to battle with acne. I enjoy watching Tati (glamlifeguru) on youtube and she had given out a 20% off your entire purchase link which also gave me a reason to give Micheal Todd a try.

I want to focus on the eye cream since that is the only one I have used up completely. I have some mixed reviews about this entire regimine but this could be because I didn't get the acne regime like I should have with my oily acne-prone skin. As of now the serum, moisturizer, and face mask break out my skin. After I purchased the set I did hear it purges the skin a bit. Honestly this is something I don't feel like doing. In most cases when my skin purges, my acne sticks around for months and months. Full reviews will be coming soon!

 I actually really love this eye cream. It's silky, smooth, and absorbs really well into my skin. Its' easy to spread with my fingers. I didn't notice a real change in the crows feet I'm starting to get at the corners of my eyes but I did notice that this brightened up the entire under eye area making my dark circles appear slightly lighter. The blue and purple seemed to be toned down. I used this twice a day and it worked lovely under concealer.

First complaint is about Michael Todds' packaging. The purple shiny containers are really sleek, elegant, and pretty sitting on my bathroom counter BUT
1. You can't see or feel how much product you've used.
2. everything has a pump so in most cases it dispenses too much product.
3. This eye cream was hard to get out at first. I called and they told me a trick to get it working: turn it upside down in warm water for something like10 minutes then try to pump it again. Mine worked fine after that.

My second complaint about this eye cream is that it seems like you don't get a whole lot of product. This could be due to the pump dispensing too much product when I would only need a tiny bit. I only used this for approximately 2 months or less until it was completely gone. My other eye creams tend to last a lot longer.

Micheal Todd does has amazing customer service! My mom couldn't get her eye cream  to work so they sent her a brand new one. The service was outstanding and everyone was so nice. I think overall they are a good, trustworthy, company. Another great thing about their products is that they are “Made in the U.S. with certified organic ingredients, without added water and free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance or artificial dyes.”

Retails for 38.00 USD when sold separately

I would love to repurchase but for the price and the amount of product you get I unfortunately will not. I will stick to my other eye cream or continue to try other brands

Have you tried Micheal Todd? What are your thoughts?
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!


  1. I have never heard of this brand before. Great review.

    1. I hadn't either until youtube! And thank you so much :] Hope your having a lovely week

  2. I've never tried this product before. Until now I didn't know much about it. nice post! Oh btw I followed your blog :) can you follow me back? Thanks

    1. Thank you and Thank you so so much for the follow!! I will be sure to do the same :D

  3. I just received the Michael Todd pumpkin mask in my Ipsy bag this month. Have been using it 3 times this week. It is quite a harsh mask as I am not a big fan of the "burning" sensation when it is being applied to my skin for the first few seconds. Glad I read your review before buying the eye cream. The other product I'm interested in their charcoal mask.

    1. Yeah I don't really enjoy masks that burn either. It can be quite painful and I can't imagine that it's very good for your skin. I did buy the charcoal face wash since I heard good things about it but I have yet to try it. If I'm not mistaken I've also heard good things about the charcoal mask as well! You might want to do some more research though before you buy it... at least that is what I always do :]