Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Favorite Hair Product! : Mythic Oil by L'Oreal Professional

A Favorite Hair Product! : 
Mythic Oil by L'Oreal Professional

I haven't talked too much about hair products on here because... 1. Everyone's hair is different 2. because it takes me a while to test a hair product fully (at least a year) and 3. because my hair routines are lengthy and a lot of the products I use are hard to find

But alas! This product is not so hard to find
 I was so sad when my other hair oil was discontinued but this Mythic Oil by L'Oreal is almost an identical replacement

First lets get into my hair type:
My hair is naturally curly/wavy; curls/ringlets in the front and waves in the back. It is dry and frizzy- so dry that I can go 4 days without a wash. My hair is fairly thin and since it's thin, it is more prone to spit ends and damage. My hair is also long and just past my bust area. When I style my hair (I limit myself to once a week) I will blow dry it and on really special days I'll use a flat iron as well. 

 The Product and how I use it:
 This makes my hair more manageable, less frizzy, and super soft! It also adds a little shine.You can imagine my curly hair doesn't particularly like being blow dried so this keeps my frizz in check. I always use this after a shower when my hair is damp and I plan on blow drying/styling my hair. Since my hair is thin I use one pump and smooth it all over my hair focusing on my ends. You can also use this on dry hair as well.

This oil is extremely lightweight and doesn't make your hair look weighted down, oily, or greasy. But remember this is an oil so if you over do it, it can look slightly oily. It's definitely not as heavy as something like coconut oil and this doesn't break me out like coconut oil either :]

 This oil smells soooo good and makes your hair smell amazing! It's a very fresh and fruity scent :]

I've been using the Mythic Oil for about a year now and I've been one very pleased girl. I haven't even finished half the bottle either and I've been using it at least once a week. I think it will last me a long time and I can't complain there!

Retails in the 20$ range. Mine was purchased at my salon.

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone started their week off right :D


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  2. This oil is so good! I used to use a Kerastase one which was double the price but after using the l'oreal one I'm never going back! Great post


    1. This really is a great hair product! I too was using a more expensive oil but this worked just as good :D Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Have a lovely weekend :]

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