Monday, June 24, 2013

Mountain Biking at Lake Norman State Park


 We decided to mountain bike in Lake Norman State Park before I left for my big trip that is fast approaching! Lets just say mountain biking isn't as easy as it sounds. 

I was thinking it would be like the Michelson Trail I rode in South Dakota. I completed the whole 150 miles of trail and never had a problem. It was a wide graveled trail in and out of the black hills.Yeah the mountains were tough but the trails here in NC are tough in a completely different way.

We took the "easy" trails; Norwood Loop and Hawk Loop. It was a total of 4.6 miles but this was a serious full body workout (which I loved). I'm a beginner and definitely need more practice. I was close to giving up in the beginning. The roots kept knocking me off balance, the steep dips were intimidating, and I really just had a hard time controlling my bike on the winding, narrow, trails. Luckily the group of hot guys without shirts decided to go ahead of us, haha! But after some practice, by the middle of our adventure, I was able to keep pace with my dad and brother. Confidence... back!

There's the bro and dad checking his tires before we started.

As we went, I found the right number to shift to, learned to lift up going over the large roots/ rocks, and found out how fast to go over dips to make it up the steep incline as well as making sure not to tip backwards. I also learned how to control my speed but I still managed to veer off the path a time or two. I still need lots of practice but it was a good first run. The better I got- the more enjoyable the ride.

Sadly though my bikes a little old school and I dont have the fancy suspension/shock absorption like my family's bikes so the ride is a little more on the rough side. My hands were killing me by the time we were done from my bike jarring up and down. Time to invest in bike gloves. And talk about my booty being sore and bruised!!!

You can see me drenched above after we survived the trails. So glamorous, I know! It was a hot day of 88 degrees. Not so hot yet but pretty warm and muggy.

Overall it was a success! I survived and it felt good to complete the trails without giving up! I got a great workout and learned something about mountain biking. I hope to continue practicing and getting better. I finished off the day with a large glass of whey protein and a shower to wash all the mud off me :] life is good!

Do you like to mountain bike?

Questions, comments, and advice welcome! Hope you all had a fun filled weekend!


  1. You completed a 150 mile trail??? Holy crap girl, you're in shape!!!


    1. Haha oh yeah! It sure is a great workout :P and it will definitely get you in shape by the time your done!