Monday, June 10, 2013

JCPenney summer finds : Printed Sleeveless Button-down Blouses

JCPenney Summer Finds

Admittedly I have done a bit of summer shopping. It's the season I get most excited about! Not only that but the cutest clothes of the year start popping up. Instead of doing hauls I'm going to try and give you outfits/ semi-outfits using the new items that are still in stores :D Enjoy!!

I saw these cute printed, sleeveless, button-down blouses on sale for 15 dollars a piece and I couldn't pass them up. Both are sheer which is great for hot days and layering with cute bandeaus! It's not so sheer that it shows everything but sheer enough to see your cute bandeau every once in a while. Even my mother approved ;] I also got both in a XS and from the pictures you can tell they are suppose to be on the flowy side. Each blouse is shorter in the front and longer in the back which is great for leggings. Everything was purchased in the juniors section.

The first blouse I picked up has a tropical print. I think the coloring is just beautiful. Underneath I put the neon yellow bandeau I picked up for 3.00 USD. The bandeau is almost closer to a cropped tube top but functions the same. Because of the black detailing I added some black shorts for my bottoms. This outfit could definitely be dressed up or down depending on what shoes you wear. For jewelry I just put on some beaded royal blue earrings I got in Spain.

The second blouse I picked up is in a black and white tribal print. Underneath I put on a matching printed bandeau which is really cute and I got on clearance for 6.00 USD in the same section of JCP. It offers a little more support than the first one and also has a gripping line that helps keep the bandeau in place.

I picked this up for my first bachelorett party! I had never been to one and I haven't been out clubbing/bar hopping in a while :D needless to say I had a awesome time partying with my friends in our college town! Saw a live band and had some tasty drinks.

What I wore- I paired the blouse/bandeau with my J. Crew pixi pants (which are amazing and are made of a thick pant material) then added strappy black sandals. Even heels would look really cute. For jewelry I put on a simple silver wrap bracelet and silver dangle spike earrings to go with the harsh lines in the shirt.

I really love how JCPenney switched to using coupons and having sales again! I've been shopping there more and more.

I hope you all have a lovely week :]
 Questions, comments, and advice is welcome!