Thursday, June 6, 2013

H&M Fashion Finds : Summer Dresses and Fancy T-shirts + OOTDs

My favorite clothing store is hands down H&M! One finally opened up 40 minutes away and I usually make a trip over there every season to pick up a few new items. The first clothing piece I picked up is this beautiful  blue dress. I think the detail is just stunning! And I love how it is also detailed in the back- I hate when detail is only on the front and cuts off! It was the most expensive (25.00 USD- not really expensive by any means) thing in the bag. I'm 5'7" so it falls a little short on me which is quickly fixed by throwing on a pair of bike shorts underneath :P 

I got the last small size in this, even though I went up a size since that was all they had. But the ribbon around the middle makes it perfect by drawing in the extra fabric. 

I paired this dress with simple navy blue jean sandals and cream filigree earrings (see the full post about these here) to tie in the dresses designs 

Design continues to the back of the dress

Next dress was only 10.00 USD! I had to do a double take on that one! I love sales :] It's a pretty lacy black dress. There is a pretty lace strip on the bottom and the same lace detailing at the top continuing in the back of the dress. The detail on this dress is stunning and elegant. The tie really helps define the waist. It is slightly longer than the first dress which is nice. It also came in coral, cream, and a lavender blue. It was so tempting to get them all! 

This is so versatile- you can dress it up or down. If I was lazy I'd probably throw on some flip flops and if I had a dinner out I'd throw on some black heels. I paired this with some black and gold tassle earrings.

Last but not least I picked up 2 work appropriate shirts. H&M always has cute, affordable, dressy shirts that are great for work place. Each shirt retailed for 12.95 USD.

I bought this shirt in two colors since I liked it so much. Honestly it looked ugly on the hanger but it looked great on! The top half of the shirt is slightly sheer which adds some style. In the back it has a pretty gold zipper which adds a nice touch plus makes it easier to get on and off if your hair is already done up.

I'm pairing the black shirt with black dress pants and a princess bun Friday. I think it will look super cute :]

Sleeves- check! No cleavage- check! Long enough to cover the tummy- check! 

In an army green color. The fabric has that soft jersey feel so a smooth bra would be ideal. Don't do what I did here!

Overall, my trip to H&M was a success and I was really good about not over spending! Have you stopped into H&M recently?

Questions, comments, and advice welcome. Have a beautiful weekend :]



  1. Super cute dresses!!


    1. Thank you - I really love them :D Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Chantel!! I wish I could return the favor and follow your blog but I'm not able to find it! Let me know :] I hope you have a lovely week

  3. Such pretty dresses, definitely my style.

  4. What great finds at good prices! I haven't been to an H&M in years...I used to shop there more when I lived in Europe, but the nearest one to me is in a mall that is about an hour and a half away. I did get some nice dresses from there when I went, but I just wish they had once closer!

    1. Thank you :D !! Living in Europe is where I first discovered H&M too- my apartment was about 30 seconds from one haha It got me in trouble!! The one 40 min away from me now just came here last christmas and I was so so happy :D I hope one comes closer to you!! An hour and a half is a long ways. It really is a great store! Have a great week Lisa!

  5. I love your hair in those first two outfits! Really gorgeous dresses and you wore them very nicely. I love how functional, trendy, and affordable H&M is!


    P.S. I've got a giveaway goin' on my blog!

    1. Thank you so much Sabrina for your sweet comments! I love braids for summertime! H&M is my favorite clothing store hands down :D Would love to check out your blog as well!!

  6. Love the dresses esp the black one! It's gorgeous!

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