Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Seashore Frosts - Summer 2013 collection

Maybelline Color Tattoo in

I can not for the life of me find these anywhere in stores! So I gave the task to my mom who took the easy route and bought some on amazon. I'm so happy I was able to get my hands on Seashore Frosts because it has to be my favorite of the Maybelline Color Tattoo summer 2013 collection...  so far!

This color is absolutely stunning. It is a complex duo-chrome shade: a medium blue/green with a coppery golden sheen. Visible changes in color depending on the lighting. The contrast of opposite colors being paired is just so beautiful and unique. I don't have anything like it in my collection. 

The formula is smooth and creamy. Very easy to blend and smooth over the lids. Applies evenly. Visible duo-chrome on the lids- you can see the colors shifting slightly in different lighting. Stays on all day and doesn't budge or crease!

A great all over the lid color.
I can't say enough good things about this shade!

Finger swatches: top finger is a concentrated swatch and bottom finger has been blended out

Natural lighting

In direct sunlight

Seashore Frosts is on the lid and MACs Patina shadow is in the crease.

 Far away shot - Seashore Frosts on the lid and MACs Patina in the crease. Same as above.

Usually retails between 5.00 - 6.00 USD depending on where you buy it from.
 Have you managed to pick up any of these amazing summer 2013 color tattoos?!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Mountain Biking at Lake Norman State Park


 We decided to mountain bike in Lake Norman State Park before I left for my big trip that is fast approaching! Lets just say mountain biking isn't as easy as it sounds. 

I was thinking it would be like the Michelson Trail I rode in South Dakota. I completed the whole 150 miles of trail and never had a problem. It was a wide graveled trail in and out of the black hills.Yeah the mountains were tough but the trails here in NC are tough in a completely different way.

We took the "easy" trails; Norwood Loop and Hawk Loop. It was a total of 4.6 miles but this was a serious full body workout (which I loved). I'm a beginner and definitely need more practice. I was close to giving up in the beginning. The roots kept knocking me off balance, the steep dips were intimidating, and I really just had a hard time controlling my bike on the winding, narrow, trails. Luckily the group of hot guys without shirts decided to go ahead of us, haha! But after some practice, by the middle of our adventure, I was able to keep pace with my dad and brother. Confidence... back!

There's the bro and dad checking his tires before we started.

As we went, I found the right number to shift to, learned to lift up going over the large roots/ rocks, and found out how fast to go over dips to make it up the steep incline as well as making sure not to tip backwards. I also learned how to control my speed but I still managed to veer off the path a time or two. I still need lots of practice but it was a good first run. The better I got- the more enjoyable the ride.

Sadly though my bikes a little old school and I dont have the fancy suspension/shock absorption like my family's bikes so the ride is a little more on the rough side. My hands were killing me by the time we were done from my bike jarring up and down. Time to invest in bike gloves. And talk about my booty being sore and bruised!!!

You can see me drenched above after we survived the trails. So glamorous, I know! It was a hot day of 88 degrees. Not so hot yet but pretty warm and muggy.

Overall it was a success! I survived and it felt good to complete the trails without giving up! I got a great workout and learned something about mountain biking. I hope to continue practicing and getting better. I finished off the day with a large glass of whey protein and a shower to wash all the mud off me :] life is good!

Do you like to mountain bike?

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

JCPenney Printed Elastic Shorts for Summer in Floral Print! OOTD

JCPenney Summer Shorts OOTD!

As mentioned in the previous post, I live in elastic shorts for around the house and long car rides in summer! These are the same shorts from the last post just in a different print. I wanted some printed shorts and found these elastic ones on clearance for 15.00 USD at JCPenney! I was so excited because I have two 14 hour car rides coming up and these were perfect. Although, I've already ripped off the tags and started sporting these around the house :)

The second pair of these shorts I picked out are these floral print ones. The print is delicate, intricate, and gives off a vintage feel which I love.

These are so so comfy!! The elastic waist band makes them so comfortable and easy to slip into. They are a little short but long enough to cover your booty and then some which is always a must for me. Plus, I'm a little tall so they may fall more short on me. The tie string is made up of three fun colors. Love that these have both front and back pockets.

For the first outfit I picked out I choose a simple, delicate, lacy tank top from Zara to go with the intricate floral print design of the shorts. I added brown sandals and simple, large, soft gold studs.

After being swarmed by mosqoitos, doging poison ivy, and picking off ticks- I figured I'd include this one shot I was able to catch before hurrying out of our, now, over grown woods. 
Here, for an alternate outfit, I paired these floral shorts with a loose fitting navy tank and a lacey cream bandeau underneath. The floral print allows you to pull out different colors making the options are endless. Looking forward to wearing these a lot more this summer!

Not showing up as on sale but you can still find these shorts here on the JCPenney website. I'm sure you can probably find these in stores as well.

Do you like elastic shorts as much as I do?!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

JCPenney Printed Elastic Shorts for Summer in Blue and White Tribal Print! OOTD

JCPenney Summer Shorts OOTD!

Oh goodness! I've been doing some summer shopping at JCPenney this year! I love elastic shorts for around the house and long car rides. In-fact that is all I wear in summer if I'm not out and about. I wanted some printed shorts and found these elastic ones on clearance for 15.00 USD at JCPenney! I was so excited because I have two 14 hour car rides coming up and these were perfect. Although, I've already ripped off the tags and started sporting these around the house :)

First up, I picked out these navy blue and white tribal print shorts. They are simple enough to pair with neon and bright plain tops. Here I paired these with one of my favorite tees from the Pink VS line in a bright neon pink

These are so so comfy!! Elastic waist band makes them so comfortable and easy to slip into. They are a little short but long enough to cover your booty and then some which is always a must for me. Plus, I'm a little tall so they may fall more short on me. The tie string is made up of three fun colors. Love that these have both front and back pockets. If I was going to the beach- these would be in my bag. Love them :D

I also tried pairing these shorts with a long, bright orange, tank. I love orange and blue together. Its so much fun pairing opposite colors on the color wheel :] I thought these printed shorts would be hard to style but I have so many options running through my head.

Next post will be an outfit using a these exact shorts in a beautiful floral print :D

Not showing up on sale but you can find these blue and white shorts here on the JCPenney website. I'm sure you could still probably find these in stores as well.

Do you like elastic shorts as much as I do?!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Questions, comments, and advice is welcome!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Forever 21 Lace Cutout Maxi Dress in Black

I was at the mall one day and I saw this girl with a beautiful black dress that was sheer on the lower half with the short slip showing through. I wanted her dress!! I saw this one, which was almost identical to hers, on Forever21.com. 

I cannot for the life of me find anything at a forever21 store. There is too much stuff everywhere and most of the smalls are picked over in all the good clothing items I want. I also don't shop there too much because it's nearly impossible to find XS! It's a real pain. But I had an awesome experience shopping online. The site is easy to navigate, prices are awesome, and the selection is amazing/ organized.

I am so impressed by the quality and price of my first clothing order from Forever21.com. This dress is a lot more nice than it appears online. Awesome surprise- the quality is amazing especially for the low price of 25.00 USD. I feel like this dress could easily retail for around 50 but hey I'm not complaining! For length wise: I'm 5'7" and the S almost touches the ground.

The back detailing is just amazing. It's sort of an open back with a slot down the middle and see-through lace covering the rest of the top half. I really don't have a bra for backless dresses so I made due with a black lacy bandeau which I think looks ok. Lace on lace is never a bad thing!

The dress fits fairly well. It is slightly loose. Here again, no XS available... come on forever 21! But I'm happy the S is wearable and not so loose in the back that it's noticeably sagging. I love the sheer lower half -not only does it look good but it makes the dress more cool for the hot summer months. I think you could dress this up or down. Here I paired the dress with black/gold tassel earrings and black strappy sandals.

I am so impressed the the prices and quality. So happy with my purchase! I would most definitely order from forever 21 in the future

Find this dress here at forever21.com

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a beautiful day!! :D

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Monday, June 10, 2013

JCPenney summer finds : Printed Sleeveless Button-down Blouses

JCPenney Summer Finds

Admittedly I have done a bit of summer shopping. It's the season I get most excited about! Not only that but the cutest clothes of the year start popping up. Instead of doing hauls I'm going to try and give you outfits/ semi-outfits using the new items that are still in stores :D Enjoy!!

I saw these cute printed, sleeveless, button-down blouses on sale for 15 dollars a piece and I couldn't pass them up. Both are sheer which is great for hot days and layering with cute bandeaus! It's not so sheer that it shows everything but sheer enough to see your cute bandeau every once in a while. Even my mother approved ;] I also got both in a XS and from the pictures you can tell they are suppose to be on the flowy side. Each blouse is shorter in the front and longer in the back which is great for leggings. Everything was purchased in the juniors section.

The first blouse I picked up has a tropical print. I think the coloring is just beautiful. Underneath I put the neon yellow bandeau I picked up for 3.00 USD. The bandeau is almost closer to a cropped tube top but functions the same. Because of the black detailing I added some black shorts for my bottoms. This outfit could definitely be dressed up or down depending on what shoes you wear. For jewelry I just put on some beaded royal blue earrings I got in Spain.

The second blouse I picked up is in a black and white tribal print. Underneath I put on a matching printed bandeau which is really cute and I got on clearance for 6.00 USD in the same section of JCP. It offers a little more support than the first one and also has a gripping line that helps keep the bandeau in place.

I picked this up for my first bachelorett party! I had never been to one and I haven't been out clubbing/bar hopping in a while :D needless to say I had a awesome time partying with my friends in our college town! Saw a live band and had some tasty drinks.

What I wore- I paired the blouse/bandeau with my J. Crew pixi pants (which are amazing and are made of a thick pant material) then added strappy black sandals. Even heels would look really cute. For jewelry I put on a simple silver wrap bracelet and silver dangle spike earrings to go with the harsh lines in the shirt.

I really love how JCPenney switched to using coupons and having sales again! I've been shopping there more and more.

I hope you all have a lovely week :]
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

H&M Fashion Finds : Summer Dresses and Fancy T-shirts + OOTDs

My favorite clothing store is hands down H&M! One finally opened up 40 minutes away and I usually make a trip over there every season to pick up a few new items. The first clothing piece I picked up is this beautiful  blue dress. I think the detail is just stunning! And I love how it is also detailed in the back- I hate when detail is only on the front and cuts off! It was the most expensive (25.00 USD- not really expensive by any means) thing in the bag. I'm 5'7" so it falls a little short on me which is quickly fixed by throwing on a pair of bike shorts underneath :P 

I got the last small size in this, even though I went up a size since that was all they had. But the ribbon around the middle makes it perfect by drawing in the extra fabric. 

I paired this dress with simple navy blue jean sandals and cream filigree earrings (see the full post about these here) to tie in the dresses designs 

Design continues to the back of the dress

Next dress was only 10.00 USD! I had to do a double take on that one! I love sales :] It's a pretty lacy black dress. There is a pretty lace strip on the bottom and the same lace detailing at the top continuing in the back of the dress. The detail on this dress is stunning and elegant. The tie really helps define the waist. It is slightly longer than the first dress which is nice. It also came in coral, cream, and a lavender blue. It was so tempting to get them all! 

This is so versatile- you can dress it up or down. If I was lazy I'd probably throw on some flip flops and if I had a dinner out I'd throw on some black heels. I paired this with some black and gold tassle earrings.

Last but not least I picked up 2 work appropriate shirts. H&M always has cute, affordable, dressy shirts that are great for work place. Each shirt retailed for 12.95 USD.

I bought this shirt in two colors since I liked it so much. Honestly it looked ugly on the hanger but it looked great on! The top half of the shirt is slightly sheer which adds some style. In the back it has a pretty gold zipper which adds a nice touch plus makes it easier to get on and off if your hair is already done up.

I'm pairing the black shirt with black dress pants and a princess bun Friday. I think it will look super cute :]

Sleeves- check! No cleavage- check! Long enough to cover the tummy- check! 

In an army green color. The fabric has that soft jersey feel so a smooth bra would be ideal. Don't do what I did here!

Overall, my trip to H&M was a success and I was really good about not over spending! Have you stopped into H&M recently?

Questions, comments, and advice welcome. Have a beautiful weekend :]