Friday, May 3, 2013

JCPenney Haul

I managed to get all these clothing items for 49.00 USD! I was actually shopping for some nice black sandals for my bridesmaid dress (The first of my college friends is getting married this summer!!!). Well, let's just say I got a little sidetracked along the way. JCPenney hasn't had any sales for a long time but apparently they got rid of the CEO and now there's sales again! Good sales too :]

First things first! My favorite item I picked up is this cream lace corset dress from the juniors section. I couldn't believe this dress was clearanced for only 10.00 USD. What?! American Eagle has this same exact dress for 60.00 USD. The lace is really nice quality and the straps are adjustable which is a plus plus. Fully lined as well. I sized up to a small because of the bust and I needed a little more length. The dress runs slightly short but i'm 5'7" so this isn't unusual. Love, love, love it! Also comes in red.

Next item I purchased was some pretty cream floral jeans for only 10.00 USD! I couldn't believe the price. 10 dollar jeans! I've always wanted a pair of printed pants. I'm still debating on whether or not I should keep these. I sized up from a 3 to a 5.  My calves are big from my workouts so they didn't fit the 3 but my thighs/ butt is small so the 5 has too much fabric and is loose at the waist. If I keep them they definitely need to altered. Skinny jeans are so hard to fit! I may find a way to make them work for the price.

Next up is some lace jean shorts! I absolutely love the detailing on these. I recently hauled a pair of sleep boxers from Aerie with a similar crocheted lace detailing. I was bummed I couldn't really wear those in public till I found this beautiful pair of jean shorts! I got them for 17.00 USD originally 24.00 USD. I also had to size up on these since they run short. I don't want anyone seeing my booty so luckily the size up fit my lower waist just fine. In love!

I picked up this black, work appropriate, shirt. I really enjoyed the black with the studs. Sleeves are cuffed, V neckline (doesn't show cleavage), and a high-low hemline. Runs true to size. It's cute and I'm looking forward to wearing it on the job. Only 7.00 USD!

Last but not least I finally found my perfect pair of aviators. Aviator sunglasses never looked good on me for some reason. I have a thin long face and they usually stick out funny or just don't look right. These are just the right size (not too big or small) in shape- they look amazing. I'm so excited! They were originally 15.00 USD and I got them for 9.00 USD! I didn't even know they were on sale. They are from the company 9&CO.

Overall I am so excited about my purchases! I've also got some decisions to make and some more trying on to do (the pants) but I'm in love everything I got. Thank you JCPenney for changing it up and bring on the sales :] Have you been to JCP recently? What do you think?!

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a lovely day :]


  1. Way to go on saving $$ and finding some bargains! Nice sunglasses! I just bought some aviators from Maurices. :)

    1. Yay thank you! I haven't saved that much on clothing in a while (though I haven't done too too much shopping):D Super excited about sporting some aviators! I haven't been to a Maurices in forever! I don't think we have any but it's a great store :D

  2. Love all of this! SO prefect for spring (:

    Just wanted to let you know also that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can find all you need to know here:

    Love your blog!!

    1. Thank you! I love spring time so much :D
      And thank you so so much! That is so sweet! I will check it out for sure :] I really love your blog as well!!

  3. Gorgeous dress!!! And the jeans are adorable(:


    1. Thank you so much! I can't wait to wear the dress :D thanks Athena for stopping by!