Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fragonard perfume in Rose de mai

I don't know why I want to keep sharing my favorite scents because everyone is different when it comes to perfume. But I just can't help wanting to tell everyone how great it is ;] and I could'nt not talk about this long time favorite scent by Fragonard; Rose de mai.

Let me first start out with how luxurious I think Fragonard perfumes are! This perfume company is the real deal. I first discovered them while on a trip in france I we happened to stop at Fragonards' main factory! It was such a special treat and of course I got to smell lots of scents and make some purchases along the way. The scents are rich, complex, and fragrant. They even have perfumes that are meant to last 6 years! Plus, their packaging is so elegant. 

My friend I was traveling with actually turned me on to this rose scent. She had been using it for years before. One wiff and it was mine! If you love the scent of roses- you will fall in love with this scent. It's a sweet rose scent. I'm a sucker for anything that smells like roses :]
The scent is long lasting as well especially when used with the matching lotion

Excuse it's poor state. I've been nursing these a long time trying to make them last as long as possible since I love it so much!

I went ahead and also purchased the matching lotion in the same scent. I find using the lotion with the perfume makes the scent last twice as long and smell slightly more strong. Who doesn't want that?! I mainly use the lotion for special occasions. I've been saving this for a hot date but alas haven't been on but a few in my lifetime so I guess I might as well start using this more ;]

The 100 ml Eau de toilette 80% volume pictured above retails for 38.00 USD
The 250 ml lotion retails for 24.00 USD

Visit their main site here
Visit  the Rose de mai collection on their site here

Hope you had a beautiful weekend! Questions, comments, and advice welcome!


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    1. Thank you so very much! I would love to check out your blog and would love to follow each other! Hope you have a lovely week as well :]

  2. Amazing product!!! Thank you for sharing with us. I am also looking for the same product that long lasting and smell slightly more strong.

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