Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dalton Cosmetics Double Ended Coral Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo

Dalton Cosmetics Double Ended Coral Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo 

Meet my newest lip product and favorite color combination! I was thrilled when after a long day of work I found this lipstick/ lipgloss duo sitting on my bathroom counter. I love my mom so much esp when she leaves me little surprises every now and then :] 

I have never heard of Dalton Cosmetics but at first glance I was pretty impressed with the packaging because it looks expensive. It unscrews at the bottom for the gloss and pops off the top to find your lipstick that you twist up (like a regular tube of lipstick)

It is really nice that the top of this duo has a small window that allows you to see your lip color

This is their coral combination. The lipstick is a warm coraly pink and the gloss is a bright, beautiful, coral color with golden shimmer. The two colors together just look so beautiful. I also love, love, love, the formula- It's very moisturizing. Also, I have a big problem with lipsticks and glosses gumming up after a hour or so and thank goodness, with this, I don't have to worry about that. The gloss smells like cake frosting (YUM!) and has a doe foot applicator makes it easy to work with. 

This is what the duo looks like on me :)

This duo comes with a second duo in pink. My mom wanted the pink set and I wanted the coral set so it worked out lovely. This was purchased on QVC for 27.50 USD for the set of two duos. You can find this product here. Would most definitely repurchase! I am very pleasantly surprised with this lip product and this newly found brand- Dalton Cosmetics. Would be interested in the other products they have to offer.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Jewelmint : Daisy Earrings

Jewelmint : Daisy Earrings

I know these were not the most popular Jewelmint piece around but after I saw a cute pair of daisy earrings at Charming Charlies, that I regrettably did not buy, I was on the look out for a similar pair! And not too long after this Jewelmint released their Daisy earrings (their spin off of my favorite Audrey Earrings). So I had to have them!!

Once they arrived, I opened the box and said, 'Whoa!'. These lovely earrings are quite over-sized. I really wish they were slightly smaller because I think a smaller size would make them more wearable. In fact, I wanted to wear them to work today but I thought they may be slightly distracting. The size also makes pairing these with the right outfit more difficult. I make it work though. Their large size combined with my long hair worn down creates the perfect effect - making them visible but not overwhelming. I just think they are so adorable and beautiful. Perfect for spring!

quality with these is amazing! The center looks very similar to the Audrey Earrings. Its well made and sparkles! The petals are a faux leather which is nice because this makes them easy to shape

retails for 29.99 USD.

 Jewelmint has the best packaging for their pieces! They all come in individual magnetic boxes. Each box has some sort of padding or velvet bag and a little card with a description of the piece. The boxes are great quality and I save all of mine because I can't bare to throw any away :] 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Favorite Bath and Body Works Spring Scent : Paris in Bloom

A Favorite Bath and Body Works Spring Scent : 

Paris in Bloom

I know, another scent! But I've got some floral fever. I really enjoy this floral scent for springtime and it's definitely a favorite! I will compare it to my other new favorite floral scent from Bath & Body : First Bloom by the Fresh Picked line (that I had recently hauled). First Bloom is more floral, fresh, clean smelling, and is also slightly stronger. This scent, Paris in Bloom, is definitely on the sweeter side. It is a very light and delicate scent. The floral scent is there but it isn't over bearing. It's a very sensual, elegant, and as Tiffany D describes it well- an 'expensive' smelling scent.

Lasting power is about the same as other Bath & Body Works lotions. It fades fairly quickly. Around 3 hours and you can faintly smell a lingering scent. Using the lotion with the body mist makes it last slightly longer.

Love the new packaging of the body mists! So feminine and girly.

I own a entire cabinet of Bath & Body scents but when I run out of this I will repurchase for next spring. Though luckily these lotions/ sprays last forever especially since I frequently rotate scents depending on the season :]

If you like floral scents I recommend checking this one out! What do you think of it?

Body mist retails for 14.00 USD. Lotion retails for 11.00 USD.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

OOTD : Stripes and Floral

One of my favorite combinations is stripes with floral print! Especially with spring and summer here on the horizon. I went with a basic blue striped tank and paired it with a blue floral skirt. I like that the tank is blue striped because it gives a nautical feel as well. Since the skirt is big on me- I made it high-waisted and put on a woven, soft brown, leather belt. And since the weather cooled down this week I threw on a long peachy pink cardigan and some warm-toned brown boots. As far as jewelry, I kept it simple with pink, hanging, cameo earrings.

My favorite part of the outfit is the tights! They are fishnet style in a natural soft brown. I love the color because it makes them more wearable. I wore them all the time in the fashion-forward downtown of Florence but back in the states (in my small town) I feel like they may be considered a little risque. So scandalous haha! Personally, I think they are quite elegant and add a subtle texture to my outfits.  

Cardigan, tank top, skirt, and belt are all from H&M. Tights are from Calzedonia. Boots are from a small boutique in downtown Florence.

A close up of the mixed patterns :

Here is a good look at the tights :

A super short video if you'd like to see my outfit in 'real life' :

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Laura Geller Baked Marble Eyeshadow Duo: Blue Icing/ Coffee Cake and Mauve/ Mint

 Laura Geller Baked Marble Eyeshadow Duo in
Blue Icing/ Coffee Cake 
 Mauve/ Mint

Artificial lighting

Natural lighting

Baked Marble Eyeshadow Duo in
Blue Icing/ Coffee Cake

Blue Icing is a nice medium, neutral, muddy, blue which makes it very wearable without looking clownish. Coffee cake is a warm medium brown. Both have nice pigmentation but really pop and shimmer when applied wet. Boy, do these eye shadows really sparkle after being applied wet! The shadows blend beautifully and the two shadows go lovely together. I almost wish that the brown was slightly darker and the blue was slightly lighter to make a lovely contrast but that's just person preference. Overall, this is a great duo. Laura Geller has the best packaging ever (probably why each shadow is on the expensive side).

Retails for 24.00 USD here at LauraGeller.com.

Baked Marble Eyeshadow Duo in 
  Mauve/ Mint

The left shade is a beautiful warm mint color. The right shade is a deep blue/green forest color. Colors have great pigmentation but, as I mentioned above, applying this wet brings out the intensity and the sparkle. Wet- these shadows shimmer like no other! Shadows blend so beautifully! I love the contrast these shadows have as a duo. The shadows go so well together. Would definitely repurchase this duo! I absolutely love it!
Great packaging as always. Slightly higher price because the duo comes with this lovely double ended brush.

Retails for 27.00 USD here at LauraGeller.com.

Also, with these marbled shadows you dont want to use a patting motion on your lids with a dense flat brush. I prefer to use a fluffy brush with a sweeping motion since there's so many different colors in one shadow and it tends to be patchy if you don't blend well enough with that fluffy brush.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

We went from winter to summer? Gardening time

I know this isn't beauty or fashion related but what's the harm in getting to know a little more about me ;}?
I may be adding a splashes of my life now that it's warmer but only the interesting stuff, of course!

Well, the weather went from winter (30's and sleet) to spring/summer in the matter of a week here in North Carolina! What? I wasn't ready yet. My schedule is all out of whack now. But no frost = gardening time! 

While living in Italy, I was completely spoiled with fresh produce all the time. 100% better than produce you find at most grocery stores in the States. The tomatoes were to die for. A vegetable garden, producing fresh produce, is exactly what I need to spoil me some more

This year we added manure compost and peat moss to the soil. Last year we stuck all our fruits and veggie plants in a area we cleared (the soil was horrible) so we didn't get as much crop as we would have liked. This year, with better treated soil and some special fertilizer, we hope to have a great crop!

From left to right : strawberries, carrots, broccoli, brussle sprouts, spinach, lettuce, red leaf lettuce, potatoes, (front to back - right side) bell peppers, big beef tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and banana peppers. Also stuck some okra in the back :]

Last year our peppers did the best out of anything. Let's see what this year brings!

We also planted more herbs this year! Since we use a ton basil, we decided to get 2 of those this time around. I throw basil on my pizzas, sandwhichs, pasta sauces...everything! YUM! We also got flat leaf parsley, oragano, and traditional parsley. All will come in handy- that's for sure!

Adding peat moss and root blast. Why yes!...those are ugly blue crocs... don't judge! They are for doing dirty work :P
While we were at it we decided to add a little something by the garden since it looked a little barren out that way. We got some Hostas!

Did you plant a flower or vegetable garden this year?

Let's get ready for warmer weather
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