Thursday, March 28, 2013

Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works Haul

A small little haul! My excuse is... I had lots of coupons, free panties, and 3 10$ off cards from Victoria's Secret which made the trip to the mall necessary, of course :]

My first stop :

 bath & body

I had to get a new poof. My winter one was slowly wearing away (I know I really should change them more often). I usually buy Bath & Body poofs because they tend to hold up and last longer than the ones from Walmart. And they had all their Spring-time colors! Yay! Retails for 3.50 USD - here.

While I was there, I noticed their new Fresh Picked line and of course had to smell all the new scents.

First Bloom was definitely my favorite of the bunch. It is also 3$ cheaper than their regular line of lotions. I heard it doesn't contain as much nutrients but it smelled real good :]  It's light, fresh, and floral. Not too sweet and perfect for spring.  The site describes the scent as water lotus and pink peony. Love!
Retails for 8.00 USD - you can find the collection, here. And the lotion I picked up, here

I suggest going in and taking a wiff of their new Fresh Picked line. What do you think of it?

 Next stop : 

Victoria's Secret

A favorite!

I picked up a few goodies! I had a card for a free No-show Sexy Hiphugger panty from Body by Victoria. Fits true to size and I'm curious to see how it wears. I also needed another nude bra for everyday. I hate shopping for boring nude bras. I picked up a plain old nude bra from the Fabulous Collection. I love the Fabulous bras because they fit so well I forget I'm wearing them! That's always a plus, right? Retails for 48.00 USD.

To spice up my search for nude bras I picked up this 'neutral' rhinestone, sparkly, bra to pass as a nude bra I can wear with anything. It's the new Temptation push-up bra. So pretty I don't even want to wear it- haha! I will have to see if this one wears as good as my other bras. I've had good luck with rhinestone-d bras from Victoria's Secret (I have yet to have one fall off my other bras). The rhinestones don't show through my shirts unless they are thin or tight. I will definitely make this one work ;]
 Find it here. Retails for 48.00 USD.

 I really love the Long Sleeve Raglan tee from the PINK collection which is now out of season and now on sale! They had a whole rack of them for 15.00 USD. I picked up this heather grey one to pull over my outfits on chilly summer nights. So slouchy, comfy, and casual. I review and show my mint green one, here

I also picked up my favorite basic V-neck tee, The Essential V-Neck Tee from the PINK Collection. Retails for 19.50 or 2/$30. No idea why I didn't do the 2/$30 but I just loved this color to death. I don't have anything like it in my closet and I've already got outfits playing in my mind.
 Super soft, fitted, and comfy. More love!

Each shirt has a cute little dog embroidery on the bottom corner. Cute :]

Have a beautiful day! Questions, comments, and advice is welcome!


  1. The body lotion sounds so lovely... found your blog via the Beauty Blog Hop xx

    1. It really is! Thank so much for stopping by! Hope you had a wonderful day :D

      Checking out your blog now :]

  2. Lovely pieces :)
    Thank you for your super sweet comment :)
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    Stay in touch :)

    1. Your very welcome! I loved your blog so much :D and I can't wait to see your future posts. Thanks so much for taking the time to follow me back on both!