Saturday, March 2, 2013

MAC Frost eye shadows : Phloof!, Seedy Pearl, Creme de Violet, Cranberry, Amber Lights, Patina

MAC Frost eye shadows in: 

Phloof!, Seedy Pearl, Creme de Violet, Cranberry, Amber Lights, and Patina

A vibrant shimmery white shade with a hint of pink. Great pigmentation, easy application, soft, and smooth.
 Easy to blend. Applies great wet or dry. A really beautiful shade. Great for the lid or highlighting. A favorite.
 Would repurchase.
Seedy Pearl

 A shimmery soft lavender with a light baby pink shine. Soft and smooth. It's sheer but can be built up. I find it shows and builds up better when applied wet. Definitely requires some brush wiggles. I would use a flat dense brush with this shade cause I don't think a fluffy brush would allow you to pick up enough shadow. I use a MAC 195 for this- works amazing for light sheer shadows such as this one. I have fair skin with pink undertones so Seedy Pearl is a little hard to see on my lids unless you look at it up close.

Creme de Violet  

 A warm medium purple with pinky undertones. Contains silver shimmer but is not noticeable on the lids once applied. It is sheer but build-able. Blends easily. The texture and finish is a bit different then the other frost shades in this bunch- a little more dry. I don't think it really even looks like a frost shade. Creme de Violet looks really pretty with MAC Texture or layered with other shades. For me, it's not a everyday wearable color I reach for.

Phloof!,  Seedy Pearl,  Creme de Violet.  All applied dry then wet.


Excuse its broken state. I dropped it and down it went...smashing to the floor. Thankfully it's still useable.

A beautiful medium wine/ burgundy color with shimmer. Soft, smooth, and easy to blend. Great pigmentation. Applies beautifully wet and really makes the color pop. Great for a sunset eye look or for a fall look. Since I'm pretty pale with pink undertones I really have to work with the pinks and reds. This red isn't so red that it's necessarily going to make you look sickly but I still enjoy layering this with other shadows.

Amber Lights
A shimmery golden orange shade. Nice pigmentation, easy to blend, and smooth. Applies beautifully wet or dry. A really lovely shade. For me, I'm not sure I'm a fan of it being so yellow-y and orange but it's still a nice shadow :]


 A very complex shade of light brown. It shimmers slightly pink but has green undertones. Somewhat golden- it's name describes it well. Slightly sheer but easy to build up. Soft and smooth. This my favorite crease color. It looks beautiful and natural. Applies great wet and dry. I can do a very natural soft look using this in the outer V. Love this and would repurchase!

I've read that for some people this shade does not show up on them. I'm pretty pale so it works great for me. Medium skin tones this may not be as visible.  

Cranberry,  Amber Lights,  Patina.  All applied dry then wet.

Overall Thoughts :

I think that with these shadows texture varies a bit but the finish stays the same throughout aside from Creme de Violet (odd one out). You get some nice dimension with some of the shades as I mentioned above. My favorite shades of the bunch would have to be patina and phloof! Shades like Cranberry and amber lights are beautiful but for everyday colors they aren't for me- though I still use them when I want a pop of color or a more colorful look. Amber lights would look beautiful on deeper skin tones :]

Each eye shadow retails for 15.00 USD. All my shadows were purchased at MAC counters in the mall or online at

Questions, Comments, and Advice is Welcome! Have a beautiful day :]


  1. I agree with you on the Patina. I have medium skin tone and am not a fan. I am a huge fan of nylon and vanilla pure pigment! Thanks for another great post!

    1. Yeah I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on Patina because it doesn't show up on the medium skin tones. Ohhh I loovveee MAC pigments! Just looked up vanilla and it looks beautiful :] Nylon as well! Yay more too browse for next time I'm at MAC ;] Thank you!

  2. These are all great colors! I really love the phloof and seedy pearl as pretty highlights and that cranberry is a great red that would be fun to play with! Great review!

    1. Thanks Jessi and thank you for stopping by! Phloof is such a vibrant color it really does look beautiful as a highlight :] Seedy Pearl as well

  3. Mac shadows are my favorite! phloof looks so pretty, i will have to check it out!

    1. Mine too :D Phloof is a really pretty color! Will check out your blog as well - thanks for stopping by! :]

  4. Thanks for the great swatches. Patina is such a pretty shade. Definitely have to check it out.

    New follower from the blog hop :)

    1. Your welcome! And Patina is so pretty! Thanks so much for the follow :D I'm heading over to your blog now!

  5. this is such a great post, I am glad you are into make up and fashon, makes a blog more interesting. I have fallen in love with the cranberry, what a lovely colour to make blue eyes pop :-). Too bad it broke, that happens to me quiete often grrr.


  6. Loving these eye shadows especially the gold and neutral ones, definitely have to try these out. Great blog check out mine

    Love India

    1. They are really pretty and you really should! Thank you :D Will head over to your blog now!