Friday, March 15, 2013

MAC Frost eye-shadows : Crystal, Vex, Satin Taupe, Tilt, Moon Flower

MAC Frost eye-shadows in : 

Crystal, Vex, Satin Taupe, Tilt, Moon Flower


Soft gray lilac color. Sheer but build-able. Color is more vibrant when applied wet. Applies wet beautifully to the lid and has a lovely purple sheen. I really love this lilac color - it's great when you want something I little more subtle. Very wearable. Would repurchase.


Vex is a soft green shade with a pink sheen to it. Lovely duo chrome shade. Applied dry, it's sheer but build-able. Applied wet, it is amazing. You can get some of that pink sheen to come through and you can get the color to really pop on the lids. I think its a beautiful lid shade when applied wet.  I love this with MACs Club or even Tilt. Would repurchase.

Satin Taupe

Thise shade has got to be one of my top favorite MAC shadows ever. If your shopping for some MAC shadows this is one of the shades you should pick up. I can use this shadow with everything and it just looks awesome. The name says it all- it's a beautiful shimmery taupe color with brown undertones and hits of plum. Soft, smooth, and great pigmentation. Easy to build and blend. Applies beautifully wet and can really deepen up your look. Will most definitely will be repurchasing.

Crystal, Vex, Satin Taupe. All applied dry then wet.


I apologize for it's poor state. My mother dropped and tried to piece it together unsuccessfully. I saved it from being thrown out :]

Soft blue with lavender undertones and a green sheen. Stunning duo chrome shade. When applied dry it's sheer and builds up slowly. Applied wet this shadow is amazing. The color really pops. You can get some of that green duo chrome finish and it blends so beautifully wet. I don't wear blue shadow hardly at all but this shade is one of my favorite shades of blue when used wet.Would repurchase.

Moon Flower

Moonflower is your average shimmery 'blue jean' blue. Texture is smooth. Fairly pigmented and builds up nicely. For some reason I don't really reach for this shade unless I'm layering it with other colors. This looks so beautiful layered with purple shadows like FIG. 1.

Tilt and Moonflower. Applied dry then wet.

Natural lighting

 Artificial lighting

Overall Thoughts :

I really enjoy this bunch and there is a lot of unique shades I would repurchase. My favorite here is Satin Taupe though. I was buying and trying to find dupes for Satin Taupe because I was trying to get around spending the money for this popular MAC shade. The dupe turned out to be horrible (I'll do I post about it in the future). There's no way around it haha you have to go for the real MAC Satin Taupe! I've mentioned this in a previous post but for applying shades like Crystal and Vex dry I find it easier to pick up and pack on the color with a flat, dense brush using a patting motion- not a sweeping motion. I use a MAC 195 brush. Fluffy brushes just dont do the job with sheer dense shadows unless your applying your shadow wet.

Each eye shadow retails for 15.00 USD. All my shadows were purchased at MAC counters in the mall or online at

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a beautiful day :]



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  2. Love Satin Taupe! That is my go to these day. Looks good paired with Mac shadow Mystery

    1. Satin Taupe is the best!! :] I use it alll the time! I looked up Mystery and I'm imagining that look in my head... sounds so pretty! I might have to dry that look with a similar deep brown. Thanks so much for the suggestion :D

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