Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vibram Five Fingers : Women's TrekSport in Black/ Charcoal

Vibram Five Fingers

Women's TrekSport in Black / Charcoal

Meet my newest pair of shoes! 

I know it's not your typical shoe and it might not be considered fashionable but I can't wait to wear these bad boys! As described on the Vibrams website these can be referred to as the 'barefoot shoes'. They look like feet and they fit like a glove. These retail for a 100 USD at I received a black Friday coupon for 20% which I finally got around to using.

 I'm a avid runner and I love to get my fitness on. But I have extremely flat feet to the point I have no arch and I have an extra bone in my foot that I will need to have surgery on- later in life. All that requires I wear prescription inserts and so on. Needless to say running all the time combined with my bad feet causes lots of bad knee, hip, and lower back pain. So, I made the investment. 

From the research I've done through their site. Running 'barefoot' strengthens your foot and your arches.  Also it forces you to use forefoot striking instead of heel striking. Apparently with shoes you are more prone to striking with your heels while running which really jars the knees and creates joint pains.

I still have the tags on because sizing can be difficult. I honestly don't know how tight or loose they are suppose to be. Ive got two sizes and I'm currently waiting for my brother to come home next week and help me out (he owns multiple pairs).

I also decided to buy a pair of toe socks with my Vibrams. I know you can wear them without socks but I don't want them to get too dirty. I read you can also machine wash your Vibrams when they get stinky. Yay!

Once the brother helps me with the sizing, I'm going to start training in these asap! The site says you have to ease into it. I've been trying to forefoot strike in shoes for a while so we will see how sore my calves get. I feel a little strange going to the gym in these but maybe it will be an awesome conversation starter- haha!

In a month or so I'll come back with a full review. I want to test these out for a while. Indoor and outdoor. Maybe I will make a video of how the process went :]

What do you think of the Vibrams?

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a lovely day!


  1. I've seen these before, but I've never tried them. Looks interesting to try though, great post! :)
    xx, Siri
    Siri's Life

    1. They are a little different :] and thank you!! I'm very curious to see how they feel on a run!

  2. I've so wanted to try these. But well lets see, I'm not a runny, but I think it would be great to wear for beach volleyball depending on how snug they are around the ankle. I've tried two socks before, but my pinky toe wouldn't stay in. I wonder if I'd have the same problem with these. I'd definitely like to try em out.

    P.S. New follower from the GFC hop!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

    1. Yeah beach volleyball sounds great for these! I will have to try that out sometime :] I don't notice any ankle rubbing- the socks I got come up the ankle to fit the shoe. Yeah I'm a little worried about toes slipping out too which is why I'm waiting for the expert(my brother) to see what size is best! Sizing is tricky for these!

      Thanks so much for the follow! I'm checking out your now :]