Monday, February 11, 2013

Laura Geller Baked Eye Pie Shadow Trio in Apple Peach Pie

Laura Geller Baked Eye Pie Shadow Trio in :
Apple Peach Pie

Natural Lighting
Artificial Lighting

(Colors named according to Laura Geller website)
Top finger : Peach shade
Middle finger : Brown Sugar shade
Bottom finger : Apple Green shade

Brown Sugar Shade : A really pretty shimmery copper color. I enjoy appling this shade wet and it really makes it sparkle. Pigmented. Soft and smooth.

Peach Shade : Peachy pink color. More pink than peach. Soft, smooth, and pigmented.

Apple Green Shade : More of a deep blue-green muddy color. Soft, smooth, and pigmented.


Overall : 

Shadows are all fairly pigmented. They all blend really well. Soft, smooth, and non-powdery. I really love the brown sugar shade - that's the one I mainly reach for. I don't know how I feel about the color combinations in this pallet trio. They don't feel like they go together. On the lid, they just look alright. Packaging is lovely as always. The inside contains half a mirror, half a window. I enjoy having the window to easily see the shades inside. Packaging is durable and nice quality.

Honestly, I don't think I will be repurchasing this one. The pink shade is something I don't use very often only because pink can be a tricky color to incorporate into your eye look. I enjoy Brown Sugar but I do have some similar shades that I reach for more in my collection (see below pictures).

Retails for 36.00 USD on I usually purchase my products on QVC because they have some great deals and special values.

Similar MAC Shadows Found in my Collection :

The Brown Sugar shade from Laura Gellers' trio looked very similar to MACs' Expensive Pink and Laura
 Gellers' Peach shade looked incredibly similar to MACs' Girlie shadow. Lets have a look!

MAC Expensive Pink vs. Laura Geller Brown Sugar shade

The shades are close but different at the same time. Expensive Pink is more peachy-coral and also has more
 dimension than Brown Sugar. I personally prefer Expensive Pink.

 MAC Girlie vs. Laura Geller Peach shade

The shades are extremely close. MAC Girlie is slightly more pink where as Laura Gellers Peach is little bit
 deeper and more peach.

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