Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wet n Wild Coloricon Trio : Walking on Eggshells

Wet n Wild 
Coloricon Trio : Walking on Eggshells 380B

Cream : Light cream color. Soft. A little on the sheer side but build-able. Shimmery.

Brown : Warm brown with golden shimmer. Comes off as a coppery/ gold color. Soft and pigmented.
Pink : Light champagne pink color. Brown undertones. Soft, Pigmented, and shimmery.

Cream color,  brown,  and the pink

Overall :

Love this pallet! Colors are all soft, pigmented, and easy to use. I reach for this when I want an easy, natural, everyday eye look. You really cant go wrong with this pallet. Every time I use it my eye make-up looks fresh

Wet n wild packaging is fragile and flimsy.  I handle mine with care! Ive heard many complain about the cheap packaging but for the price I'm not expecting nice expensive cases. 
Retails 2.99 USD
Cream color, brown, and the pink
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  1. I love this trio :) I want to try the Knock on wood one next :) Awesome review!!

    1. It really is a great trio! I've yet to try Knock on Wood but Ive definitely been eying it for a while now :D Thank you so much!!!

  2. This is gorgeous! If only we had wet n wild here in Aus! At least there is online shopping and ebay! Xx

    1. Very true :D thank goodness for online shopping!!