Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wet n Wild Coloricon Trio : Dont Steal My Thunder

wet n wild
Coloricon Trio : Don't Steal My Thunder

White :  Shimmery sheer white. On the powdery side.

Black :  Black with silver glitter. Glitter slightly visible when applied. Pigmented. Can come off more of a dark gray. Easy to work with.

Silver :  Shimmery silver. Shadow is hard. Pigmentation is horrible. No color pay off. Hard to work with. I may have got a bad batch.
> If you want a better silver try the 'Spoiled Brat' Coloricon trio instead.

Silver,  Black,  White

Overall : 

Disappointed with the silver color which is probably the main color i'd use on my lid. These colors would make a great smoky eye. They go great together. With the silver out I dont really reach for this pallet. My least favorite of the trios.

Wet n wild packaging is fragile and flimsy.  I handle mine with care! Ive heard many complain about the cheap packaging but for the price I'm not expecting nice expensive cases. 
Retails 2.99 USD

Questions, Comments, and Advice is Welcome! Have a beautiful day :]


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this!! It looks like it would be a good smokey eye trio from the package, but after seeing the swatches and your review I don't think I will be picking this one up! There are much MUCH better Wet N Wild trios out there! And I agree, when people complain about the packaging being cheap I'm like ummm you paid 3 bucks for it, what do you expect? Who cares though when the product is nice in quality :)

  2. Yeah I wont be repurchasing this one! I was shocked that I was disappointed since Wet n Wild trios are so amazing. That's why I asked if I got a dud... I cant understand what happened haha! I know it - that's what I say! Ive seen a lot of bad reviews because of the packaging. Id much rather pay that cheap price for flimsy packaging. As long as I get those great shadows I'm good :D :D