Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rose Water

Rose Water

Help calm redness and brighten your complexion

Accutane really made my entire face red. I needed a product to help calm down my skin and help reduce my redness. I've heard many good things about rose water and they proved to be true. This is the only rose water that I've tested but, for me, it does my skin wonders so I've stuck with it.

It really helps reduce my redness, makes my skin bright, and glowing. I like to spitz this on right after my shower and right before my thick moisturizer. I find it helps me apply thicker moisturizers more evenly. Also, on hot days when your face appears more irritated I love spritzing this on to help calm my skin down!

Overall I love this product. I have added it into my everyday skin care routine and I honestly don't know what I would do with out it. Plus, if your like me and love the smell of roses, you will love this!

8oz Retails approximately 8.00 USD depending on where you purchase.

Questions, Comments, and Advice is Welcome. Cheers to beautiful skin!

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