Sunday, January 13, 2013

Philosophy Hot Salt Scrub

Philosophy Hot Salt Scrub
Red Delicious Apple

Once a month I like save a week for some much needed spa treatments. After all that work and school it's hard to remember to pamper yourself! This Scrub also starts off my monthly spa week :]

Hands down my favorite body scrub. You will feel like a babys bottom after your done! But this may not be for everyone. It is definitly one of the more harsh body scrubs I've tried which is why I love it. I can actually feel the difference! You also have to take some time before your shower since you will use this scrub on dry skin. It takes some time but boy is it worth it!

I like to give myself a complete scrub down focusing on one section at a time. Make sure your standing in your tub or shower cause it can get messy! Once your all scrubbed down its time to rinse and shower as usual. You'll notice your hands will be extra smooth! My loufa literally slips off my skin after this scrub.

Make sure you moisturize after your shower! It can leave your skin a little pink if you scrub too much in one spot. Though this doesn't bother me and quickly goes away. I like to follow this shower up with some Chagrin Valley Whipped Cocoa Butter for a treat!

Again, if you want a gentle body scrub this is not for you.  

 Has a strong apple scent. Not a fan of the red coloring in the red delicious apple salt scrub but it works the same as the others. Doesn't stain your skin at all. Will still be repurchasing this product in a different scent. I really enjoyed my last Philosophy hot salt scrub in Coconut.Yum!

Retails around 25.00 USD

Questions, Comments, and Advice is Welcome! Have a beautiful spa day :]

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