Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pamper your feet!

Pamper your feet

Once a month I like save a week for some much needed spa treatments. After all that work and school it's tough to remember to pamper yourself. Don't forget to give some love to your feet!

Let your nails breath
I like to start off by removing my polish. Remember to let your nails breath! No one wants yellow stained nails. I usually let mine breath for at least a week. Sometimes even a month.

Next, towards the end of my shower I like to exfoliate the bottom of my feet using a pumice stone. This helps get rid of dead skin and helps keep calluses in check. I have flat feet so calluses tend to build up rather quickly. Using the pumice stone helps smooth them out and keeps my feet super soft.

Ive tried a number of different pumice stones but my favorite is Develop 10s' Natural Pumice Lava Rock. This one isn't as soft so it makes it really easy to smooth out the bottoms of your feet quickly. It can be on the sharp side so use it gently and lessen the pressure on other parts of your body. Very easy to grip.
I was able to find mine in my Ulta store around the nail polish section or at It retails for 6.99 USD  

Make your feet even more soft :
 After my polish is off and my feet are exfoliated its time to make your feet even more soft! I crack out the coconut oil. What I love to do is moisturize my entire foot with coconut oil and focus on those clean nails. Once my feet are covered in coconut oil put on a pair of socks. I leave the socks on for a few hours or the entire day running around. Take off the socks and your feet are going to feel amazingly soft! This can also be done with argan oil as well.

Prepping for Polish
 When your ready to paint your nails make sure all oil is removed. Oil makes it hard for your polish to adhere to your nails. Cut, trim, and shape. Also push those cuticles down. Cutting them will only make them tough and hard to work with. Clean up the area and grab your favorite base coat, polish, and top coat :]

When your done you'll have the prettiest feet on the block ;D

Questions, Comments, and Advice is Welcome! Enjoy your soft beautiful feet!  


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