Saturday, January 26, 2013

OOTD : Sweater Skirts

Sweater Skirts

One of my favorite clothing items for winter is sweater skirts. I love them to death whether they are in-style or not. I recently had a lady ask me how her daughter would wear one from Target. They can be tricky to style so hopefully this outfit gives you some ideas on how to style your sweater skirts.

Pick out a sweater! Most of my winter skirts have greys, navy blues, or reds. I try to pick a color from that general color scheme. Here, I went with grey. Skirts are obviously not practical for winter and that is precisely why I love tights and knee socks! I picked out a blue pair of knee socks to add a bit of color to this more monochromatic look. Don't forget to throw on your favorite pair of boots. I was able to wear this look with multiple skirts

Skirt was purchased at Zara during an end of winter clearance sale. So keep your eyes open for your perfect sweater skirt!

Skirt was purchased at Target


Questions, Comments, or Advice is Welcome! Have a beautiful day! 

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