Friday, January 25, 2013

Nicole by OPI : Kim-pletely in Love

Nicole by OPI : 
Kim-pletely in Love

Kardashian Kolor Nail Lacquer

This is the only polish from the Kardashion Kolors I picked up. Its such a unique color - A baby pink with light blue flecks of shimmer. It's beautiful in the sunlight! The pictures don't do this color justice. You have to see it in person! It looks very elegant.


 The formula is nice and creamy. Not gritty at all and dries pretty shiny. The color is pretty sheer which is visible in the photos, I have 2 coats on. but I honestly I don't mind it. Its build-able and with a few more coats you could probably get it more opaque. Boy that's a lot of drying time though!  Also, the first few coats can be a little streaky. Since this is such a beautiful color, I'm willing to work with it :]


I picked mine up at Walmart. Retails for 7.00 USD. 


2 coats of Kim-pletely in Love and a top coat
2 coats of Kim-pletely in Love from farther a way.

Questions, Comments, and Advice is Welcome! Have a beautiful day :]  

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