Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Green Tea for Your Face

 Green Tea for Your Face

Once a month I like save a week for some much needed spa treatments. After all that work and school it's hard to remember to pamper yourself. Give your skin something it will love!

Looking to brighten your complexion? Look no further than green tea! Green tea contains caffeine which brightens the skin. Your under-eyes looking sleepy in the mornings? Try putting chilled green tea under your eyes. Not only will it perk your eyes up and help those dark circles but the cooler temperature will also help de-puff the under eye area. Green tea is filled with tons of antioxidants (which is never a bad thing) and is also soothing to inflamed or red skin. I hear it's also anti-aging? I hope so!

What I like to do is boil some water and pour it over the green tea bag. I use a measuring cup and pour to or a little below the 1 cup line. I like to let the tea bag steep for at least 10 - 15 minutes so its nice and strong. You could even use 2 tea bags. Once steeped, tea bag out, I put it in the fridge.

After my shower and washing my face I like to pat the tea all over my face and neck. I focus on the under eye area as well. Let it completely dry and sink in. Moisturize and make sure you keep your tea refrigerated because you don't want it going bad! I do this twice a day.

My skin looks bright and refreshed! And my skin breaks out with just about everything but not for green tea and Ive been using it for a long while now. But remember everyone's skin is different and its always good to test a small area first.

There are many ways to use green tea in your skin care. 

Freeze green tea into ice cubes and run it over your skin. Use chilled tea bags for your under eye area to really de-puff and help those dark circles. Put green tea in a spray bottle to mist over your face. Some people use green tea as a toner (though I didn't find this to be every effective in removing dirt, etc).
The ways to use tea are endless, so find out what works for you!

Don't forget green tea is also great to drink! I try to have a cup every week... at least! Its always great to help your skin from the inside out :]

Questions, Comments, and Advice are Welcome! Cheers to beautiful skin!

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