Friday, January 18, 2013

Egg Face Mask

Egg Face Mask
Once a month I like save a week for some much needed spa treatments. After all that work and school it's tough to remember to pamper yourself. Give yourself an all natural, at home, face lift!

Ive tried so many DIY face masks and this is by far my favorite. This will brighten up your complexion and tighten up your skin. This also helps reduce redness. I know, the idea of putting eggs on your face sounds crazy and probably a little gross but trust me it will make your skin look radiant! Its quick and easy.

Also I have extremely acne prone combination skin that breaks out with just about everything and this did not irritate or break out my skin. But remember every ones skin is different!

1.  Crack the egg and separate the yolk and the whites. Put in two separate bowls.

2. First apply the egg whites to your face and lay on your back. You want to lay down because this helps pull and tighten those lines in the right direction. When your standing your face is tightening downwards towards the ground and we don't want that!  
Wait till the egg white is completely dry.

When applying the egg and while it's drying try using a tapping/ patting motion all over the face. This will invigorate the skin, increase blood circulation and help prevent sagging!

3. Once the egg white is dry its time to rinse your face. Pat dry and its time to repeat the process with your egg yolk. 

4. Apply your egg yolk all over your face. This will help moisturize the skin. Lay on your back like we did with the whites. You will feel your skin tightening.

4. Once your egg yolk is completely dry. Rinse well and dry off your face. You survived! Your mask is complete.

5. The egg mask can be a bit drying so make sure you moisturize afterwards with your favorite moisturizer!

There is no need to wash your face when your done. The eggs act as a skin cleanser.

This mask can also be done several different ways. This way just happens to work best for me.  Find what works for you!

Questions, Comments, and Advice is Welcome! Have a lovely at home spa session :]

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