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Coconut oil in Your Beauty Routine

Coconut oil in Your Beauty Routine

Refined or Unrefined?

Personally I prefer using extra virgin unrefined coconut oil. If I'm going to be putting this in my beauty routine I want the full amount of natural nutrients. I have tried both. Refined coconut oil didn't work that well for me but when I switched to unrefined, my hair responded in a more positive way. See what works for you.
 Refined coconut oil is treated and processed. Unrefined is processed naturally without any additives. Refined has no smell where as unrefined has its natural smell of coconuts. Honestly the price difference isn't that much between the two

Coconut Oil Hair Mask 

I will give this alot of credit for helping me grow out my hair. My hair dresser could not believe how much my hair had grown in a course of 6 months. 

I like to start at my roots. A little goes a long way! Massage the oil evenly over scalp. Then work your way down and add a little more to your ends. Focus on those ends because they take a beating! 

I like to leave the oil in the entire day. Since oils (even natural oils) break out my skin, I like to tie my hair up in a bun and go where I need to go.

In the shower I like to keep it in a bun and let the steam from the shower open up my hair follicles to allow the coconut oils nutrients to penetrate. Once Ive shaved, etc I begin to wash it out and shampoo/condition as I usually do. I know some people shampoo twice to get all the oil out but I've had no problems. 

Ive noticed my hair is less dry, more hydrated, not as frizzy, soft, and smooth! Coconut oil is great for strengthening the hair. It has done me wonders! You can also do this mask with argan oil and its just as good!

Coconut Oil as a Skin Moisturizer 

I enjoy using coconut oil this as a body moisturizer on occasion (staying away from my acne prone spots). And it works beautifully! I like to do it right after a shower (I find that it sinks in better). Remember a little goes a long way. If you put too much on your going to feel really oily. I just use a drop here and there.

 Using Coconut Oil as a Face moisturizer : My Experience

Ive read that a lot of people love using coconut oil as their daily face moisturizer and it does them wonders. Unfortunately my experience was not good. I have combination skin that is extremely acne prone. I continued to use this for over 3 months and it just kept breaking me out. My acne got so bad that I am now on Accuane and I believe coconut oil played a part.

When I was using this as my moisturizer I noticed my skin was so much more bright and vibrant. I could tell it did an amazing job moisturizing because my fine lines were less noticeable. For some, I hear it helps clear up their acne. Ive also heard that coconut oil brings all your acne to the surface before it clears your skin. Everyone's skin is different so its always good to test a small area first and do your research. Sadly this just didn't work for me.

Coconut oil is solid at room temp and melts at 76 degrees
 Coconut oil will melt to the touch. I like mine completely melted so it doesn't feel as thick. I like to put some in the microwave or take the container in the shower with me. I find the more melted, the easier to work with. I have more control on the amount I use.

Don't forget coconut oil is also great to cook with and add to your diet. Its always great to help your skin from the inside out :]

Questions, Comments, and Advice is welcome! Enjoy natural beauty products :]


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    1. Your welcome! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have :D Good luck!