Monday, January 14, 2013

Chagrin Valley Whipped Cocoa Butter

Chagrin Valley Soap
Whipped Body Butter : Whipped Cocoa Butter

Once a month I like save a week for some much needed spa treatments. After all that work and school it's hard to remember to pamper yourself! After exfoliating my whole body with Philosophy's hot salt scrub I like to finish off with my Chagrin Valley Whipped Cocoa Butter! With all natural ingredients.

Your skin will love you! 
I like putting this on before bed and after exfoliating. Give it a few minutes to sink in. A little goes a long way. It is a thicker body moisturizer which is why I like putting it on before I settle in for the night. The butter itself is solid but I just rub my hands together so it melts. This has a light sweet scent of cocoa butter. Its wonderful knowing my skin is absorbing all-natural, moisturizing, ingredients.

All natural! Love!
Very true!

Retails for 19.25 USD for the full size 4oz jar or 6.00 USD for .5oz sample size at

The sample size is a great way to test products and see if they work for you. Chagrin Valley usually gives  a nice amount to sample. I splurged and I couldn't be happier. Its such a special treat for me! Whats yours?

Questions, Comments, and Advice is Welcome! Have a beautiful spa day :]

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