Sunday, December 29, 2013

Inglot Matte 340 : Freedom System Palette

I have around 31 new Inglot shadows and with some brand new palettes I splurged on during their black Friday sale! It only  happens once a year so I endured much waiting . 20% off all shadows- you can't beat that. I spent days looking through swatches to see what colors I wanted for all my palettes so I'm returning the favor :] I hope that these Inglot shadow reviews/ swatches help someone else create their palette!

Inglots' Matte 340 is a really dark hunter green with more blue tones. It's basically a really deep blue green that is absolutely gorgeous. Again, I actually don't have a color like this in my makeup collection.

Texture is soft and smooth. 340 is super pigmented and really easy to work with.A little goes a long way. Really pretty color for a smokey eye.

 Lately I've been using this with MAC Tarnish eyeliner or any dark green liner and using 340 with a pencil brush to smoke it out. It looks stunning. (See first photo below)

Below, I used 340 in the outer corner and blended it into the crease. What a great color for a smokey eye.

If your like me, and want to add some color to your palette, I highly recommend this shade! Or if your looking for an alternative for your dark browns or blacks - this makes a good one :]

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome!! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Aerie Holiday Haul!


Merry Christmas everyone!! So I've picked up some goodies this holiday season from one of my favorite lingerie stores! Aerie has the softest most comfortable panties I've ever worn. Plus, they fit me like a dream so I keep coming back for more. They recently had a special buy 10 panties for 30.00 USD! I seriously jumped on that

They have some cute winter prints out this season and I also wanted to try their new lacey boy shorts which are super comfy and don't ride up your butt thank goodness (that drives me crazy). I've had lots of trouble with Victorias Secret panties and they are not as soft as these. You can find their clearanced winter panty selection here. I think it's 8 for 26.50 with free shipping and returns. I hate paying for shipping haha

I picked up their Lace Detail Bralette. The lace is quite pretty and isn't itchy. It's a very comfy, lightweight, super soft bra. I like wearing bralettes in winter with thick comfy sweaters. It's still on sale for 14.99 USD which is what I paid

I also picked up their Aerie Reindeer Knit Boxer. I actually paid a little more for my XS but I'm ok with it. The sweater material is super, super, soft. They are a little bit short but I don't mind since they are sleep shorts. The reindeer pattern is just too cute! I've got to sleep in these tonight and update this tomorrow :]
I paid 17.00 USD but the site recently had them cheaper for their semi-annual sale!

I recently got some Aerie giftcards to do more shopping.. YAY! I don't know if this post is to much info but I'm big on lingerie and sleepwear. I like to look and feel good all the time. I think it's nice to share thoughts and opinions. If it isn't TMI then more to come :]

What do you think of Aerie stores? 

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with friends and family! Now on to new years :]

Monday, December 16, 2013

Inglot Matte 345 : Freedom System Palette

I have around 31 new Inglot shadows and with some brand new palettes I splurged on during their black Friday sale! It happens once a year so I have been waiting alllll year and then just went all out. Sadly their actual palettes weren't on sale like last year (should have stocked up then I suppose) but overall I saved a bunch of money with the 20% off shadows... so I can't complain. I spent days looking through swatches to see what colors I wanted for all my palettes so I'm returning the favor :] I hope that these Inglot shadow reviews/ swatches help someone else create their palette!

Inglots' Matte 345 is a bright mint green that leans more to the blue side making it look slightly turquoise. It is definitly not a color that I wear everyday but none-the-less it's nice to have in my collection. I actually don't have any color like this out of all the shadows I own.

Texture is soft and smooth. 345 is slightly sheer but easy to build-up to full color. I like having the choice of a sheer wash- especially if the color is as intense as this one.

Below, I'm wearing 345 on the lid. It was applied to its' full intensity.
I have340 in the outer corner and blended into the crease.
I used MACs Tarnish eyeliner to line my eyes and smudged it with 340.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of how 345 looks! I will be happy to answer any questions :D

Thursday, December 12, 2013

J.Crew Factory Jewelry pieces! Gold and crystal link bracelet + Fireball Stud Earrings

J.Crew was having a big sale of 40% off all jewelry so I decided to pick up a few pieces! First piece I got is their classic fireball studs. They are so sparkly! And I needed something new for the holidays coming up :]

I paid 11.00 USD for these pretty earrings. I've already worn these a ton so they have already paid for themselves. You can see me wearing them here.

The next piece is a bracelet with the same sort of rhinestone studding. I actually got mine last black Friday at an outlet center while traveling. My friend loves this bracelet so much that I decided to surprise her with one for Christmas! So I picked another one up during the sale :D

What I love about J.Crews' jewelry is the quality.I've had my bracelet for over a year now and I have yet to have any rhinestones fall out. I've worn my bracelet to death and it still looks brand new (you'll see it in the pictures below). It hasn't tarnished or anything. Love! Plus, I have gotten a lot of compliments on this bracelet.

I paid 22.00 USD for mine on black friday last year but with this years 40% off sale I paid only 18.00 USD on their website. You can find it here. Normally 36.00 USD and I believe it's currently on sale for 21.00 USD.

I wish I could afford some more of their beautiful clothes but they are so pricey even with 40% off. Maybe one day... if I see something I can't live without :]

What do you guys think of J.Crew? Have you tried their jewelry?

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a lovely week!

Monday, December 9, 2013

OOTD : Urban Outfitters!

We had an amazing warm spell that lasted several days here in NC. It got up to 76 degrees!! It felt almost like summer again but it was wishful thinking since it's almost mid December. I meant to post this outfit a while ago in early fall but I think it's still a great style to lounge in around the house :]

I was watching a haul from Bethany Mota on Youtube (here) and saw her wearing this super cute outfit.... sooo I copied her and bought the same one haha. Am I the only one who does that? She made me do it! Everything about this outfit is comfy and I love it. The over sized crop top by Truly Madly Deeply and the pants are from Urban Outfitters. I don't mind wearing crop tops with high-waisted pieces. I think it super cute! A little piece of skin is fine for me- just not too much. I'm pretty modest

One little thing I'm afraid of... is these pants kind of look like pajama pants. I know it's not just me! I thought getting the navy print might make it look less like pajamas but I'm not totally sure. When it warms up again I've got to wear these in public and see what kind of looks I get haha. I still think their fashionable even if they are out of my comfort zone ;]

I threw on a matching long sage green jacket I got last year from Eddie Bauer on the clearance rack for less than $50 and some casual navy sneakers from L.L.Bean. Eddie Bauer has some amazing pieces on their clearance racks especially when it comes to coats. I also wanted to wear my new sparkly studs from J.Crew that I got half price during a sale! Perfect for the holidays coming up :] I'll do a short separate post on my new J.Crew jewelry pieces.

I also painted my nails for my up and coming date night! I really love this deep burgundy color from Essies fall 2012 collection. It's called 'recessionista'. I just did one quick thick coat. Love it! You can still find it on amazon here.

 Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Have a great week everyone! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

got 2b Rockin' It Dry Shampoo

Ohh my it's already been a crazy month with decorating, shopping, and everything else that comes with Christmas stacked onto your already busy schedule- but I love it! I can't wait to share with you my black Friday purchases. I went kind of crazy especially at Inglot who was having 20% off all products (I think it ends tomorrow 12/9)! I have around 28 eyeshadows to do reviews on :D so look out for that. I'm anxiously waiting for the sun to shine so I can start snapping photos.

Now onto the review...
I finally finished this dry shapoo up so I can write a thorough review. 

First off lets address the smell because it is very strong and it lingers for many hours after you use it. It's definitely a scent that you either love it or you hate it. I actually really like the scent. I'm not the greatest at describing scents but it almost smells like lemony roses. It's a very strange scent. One review I read while deciding to make the buy said it smelt like fruit loops and it kind of does :]

Packaging is cute and I had no problems getting the product out. You shake well and the powder comes out, easy. A little bit easier than getting out my Batisite dry shampoo. Got 2b rockin' it dry shampoo does make your hair look less oily and it's really easy to brush out (maybe easier for me since I have lighter hair). The container also lasted a good while which was nice.

The only thing that really bugged me was the size of the powder. Sometimes it was ok but sometimes it looked like I had a bad case of dandruff. I shook out my hair and it looked like it was snowing... ewww. Also, every-time I used this and ran my fingers through my scalp I could feel  a gritty residue on my hands. Not the most pleasant feeling. It just felt like the powder weighed down my hair a bit. Granted these problems could be due to me spraying too close to my head. If I get this again I may try spraying farther away?

Overall, I didn't hate this dry shampoo but I didn't think it was great either. I honestly like the way Batiste feels in my hair better. Would I repurchase? I'll stick with Batiste unless they are out

I purchased mine at Ulta for 6.49 but I think this is sold in most drugstores

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

Monday, December 2, 2013

MAC All That Glitters Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow

Happy December! My family and me went Christmas shopping at my favorite mall which also has a MAC counter :] I haven't bought any shadows from them in ages because I have so many. I was debating between All That Glitters and Honey Lust but decided All That Glitters was too pretty to pass up!

All that Glitters is a beautiful, shimmery, warm, champagne color! I can see why I've heard so many good things about this shadow. It goes with everything. It's one of those few shadows that you can sweep all over the lid and it just looks stunning. The warm tones of this shadow really bring out blue eyes :]

The texture is just amazing. It is so soft, smooth, and buttery. Where has this shadow been all my life?! It's one of my more soft MAC shadows. Plus, It's soft without having hardly any fallout at all. Pigmentation is good and can be easily built up. Wears well all day. Love it!

Below, I am just wearing All That Glitters. I used a flat brush to pad the color onto my lids for rich color pay off. I just lightly lined my eyes with MACs' Teddy eye kohl and put on some mascara. Waaa-lahh! I'm done!

I purchased mine for 15.00 USD at my local MAC counter. Would repurchase!

I still have more MAC eye-shadows to review as well. The post I was going to do turned out to be too long and time consuming. I think it's much better to individually review each eye-shadow so look out for those :]

Questions, comments, and advice is welcome! Hope you all have a great week!